In the dog house....again

When I first started with firearms four years it was with a S&W Governor. When I started with semi-automatics my wife started hearing strange noises from the dryer, You guessed it - spent casings in my clothes. Last week I put five rags dirty from cleaning my guns in the wash. My wife’s clothes came out smelling like Hoppes #9 and I made it worse saying it smells great. In my defense I did ask my wife first if I could put the rags in the wash. Live and learn.


Wow! Sorry to hear you’re in the dog house. I know my wife looks at me funny every time I get ready to wash my dirty rags. I’m surprised she doesn’t make me go to the laundromat to clean them.


I guess that is why I toss the used rags…didn’t know I was saving myself from more WTH’s


I buy a bag of microfiber cloths from the auto parts store so I can just pitch’em. I don’t need unnecessary headache. There’s no winning an argument with the wife. Again, practice situational awareness and avoidance, even in your own home.


Do you use 45 acp with moon clips in it very often?

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Yes I do but I rarely shoot that gun. I made a extractor from 1/2" copper pipe and use the needle nose pliers from my Leatherman to insert the bullets. The only times I use that gun is on the anniversary on my friends death who willed the gun to me and when I take new shooters to the range and let them try different calipers starting with 22LR. Fun to shoot with 410 shot gun loads. I also let newbies compare that that revolver to my North American mini revolver.


I spilled a quart of hoppes bore cleaner and the wife didn’t mind. Janice actually likes the smell of Ballistol. I do my own laundry and find putting boresnakes in a sock works pretty well, until untangling time anyways.
After 40 years together, we don’t sweat the petty stuff.

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Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. – George Carlin