Do you use a shot timer?

I have used a pro shot for a long time but are there any good apps for shot timers?


Go to the magnifying glass and enter shot timer. :wink:

Yup good point…delete the thread please. I tried but it would not let me

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I used a shot timer at the range once, it was off my phone. Between me and everyone else, we shot some seriously fast times. I would stick with what you have. Does it work good for you?

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Todd. I do use my shot timer and love it. I was and am researching a good phone app that I can suggest to clients that is effective and less expensive than a shot timer unit.

I have not found one that works at a public range on my phone.

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Um🤔May I ask what a short timer is?

Shot timers are used to determine the amount of time it takes the shooter to react to the signal and fire. The timer can tell you the time for the first shoot snd the following shots. It is used in training and competition, very useful to help reduce your reaction times. This very helpful to help train you in defensive skills.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you Larry! I have ALOT of learning ahead of me!

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We all do.

I have looked and so far I have not been able to find a shot timer that works at anything that approaches a reasonable level. Always figured it would be nice to have one on the phone for one less thing to think about to take to the range, especially if data was exportable to some extent. However, I am still using my Pocket Pro 2 shot timer. I am sure one day there will be a great shot timer app, but at this point, we are still at the point where you just have to spend the money and buy one.