Shot timer recommendation

I’m looking for a shot timer for myself, that can be used at home (dry firing) and on the range.
What are YOU using?
What are the thoughts about SHOTMAXX-2, which seems to be perfect solution for indoor range. Anybody uses it?

I have used the Pact Club Shot Timer for years. Our club used them for years and hardly an issue. Fairly simple, so may not have all the features you want.

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I highly recommend Competitive Edge Dynamics. Have been using their shot timers for about 2 decades now. I rate them higher than Pact due to the features.

Cannot speak to the model you mentioned. I’ve never seen one in person.

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CED7000 perhaps?
I was chaking this on Internet. That would be my first choice, however I was wondering if anybody here used SHOTMAXX-2 which has got accelerometer sensors (useful at indoor range with multi shooters)

I have the CED and Pact , the Pact being my favorite due to simplicity. CED does have more options but is too complicated for me.

You can also get decent performance just use a Shot Timer App on a cell phone, I started out that way and evolved.

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Thank you guys for all shared info.


The CED7000 is a really good timer. My dad uses one, so I’ve played with that. It’s very compact and I’ve considered buying one just due to the smaller size (it’s even on my A wish list).

I personally use an older model CED6000 that I’ve had for close to 20 years. It’s a really good timer, though it is rather large. Large enough that I use a Motorola radio pouch on my belt to hold it. I also use the CED8000 timer at work. It’s an upgraded version of the 6000 with similar features in a more compact package. Both of these timers have plate jacks if you ever want to run head-to-head competitions with stop plates.

That said, unless I’m doing some formal training, I tend to use one of the free shot timer apps on my smarty-pants phone if I’m just running some solo training and want to see how my times are, or just want a random start beep.

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Give this a look. Not only is it a shot timer it comes with various shooting drills to enhance skills.

They have versions for both Android and Apple devices.

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