Do all these covid19 gun purchases make you personally feel more or less safe?

Do we have a way to organize a campaign for new shooters as ranges reopen and training becomes available across the land? Maybe a universal discount? Combined with USCCA membership? Anything?


I also go back to my days and journeys to firearms. I was 21 before I fired a long gun. My first wife and their family were hunters. I don’t remember a training session, in fact hunted with open sights and shot my first deer. Then somewhere in my mid 20’s acquired a short barreled .357 revolver. Training? No. I was a proud member of the pistol generation. To put this in perspective I was born in the double nickels year. When I met my current wife, she had shotgun and long gun hunting experience, and had shot different pistols. She had way more experience than I. The day arrived when I told the mrs we needed to exercise our 2nd amendment right and acquire our concealed permits. Bought 2 glocks on a whim. Went to the class and fired 99 rounds as per state requirement. We were pistol owners that didn’t know sh$$$$t. The mrs had a rough time shooting the g43. We discovered, and had an epiphany, as I call it, we needed training! Help! Were we safe? Sort of. Is “sort of” spraying bullets safe? Could we stop an intrusion? Could we stop a life threatening situation? I hope so. Is “I hope so” satisfactory? Help! That started our journey of training, shooting regularly, more training, and will continue to train and take classes.

Therefore, if the mrs and I were typical, were we less safe? Were we dangerous? We were practicing rules of firearm safety…I have been hunting for 43 years on and off. Last 20 years, every year, and my mrs also. Were we less safe? Less safe to society, and to ourselves and family, and other experienced gun owners?

The answer is we were dangerous, in my and our opinion! DANGEROUS! No training in the beginning of our journey!!! Several concealed guns later, before we found the holy grail of our concealed, everyday, carry firearm. We religiously train with the same firearm, but shoot the others as well for fun.

We train as a couple, and have had a fun journey, and have scheduled some advanced classes, this year, with some of the master trainers we have around us. We want to improve, and learn more, and teach others what we have learned. I think the mrs first stumbled into the USCCA and the training, and that was another push for us to acquire more training.

Bottom line folks…we were DANGEROUS and SCARY and in my vocabulary “SKETCHY” in the beginning!!!


In the winter months, in the past, we have gone to other indoor ranges. Knowing our training, we are always on the look out for others. Now that we have built bullet traps, we can shoot in the bad weather days, in our own shop. Door open, ventilator fans running, and the heater on. We are safer in our own environment.

However it is a fun date night to go and shoot at an indoor range!


This translates to many other things. Motorcycling comes to mind.


yes I am starting again to ride dirt bikes…yes SKETCHY at best. Had a bad accident years ago…this will be my 2nd year as a novice and still a novice! lol At least I will admit, and not in denial! LOL


Many who never wanted guns will put their new pew in their new gun safe or wrap the included gun lock through the barrel or breach and it will sit and gather dust just like many of the millions of guns sold before COVID-19 reared it’s ugly bat head.


I have a lot of mix feeling with this topic so I am working on zeroing in on mind

Am I concern with the wave of gun purchases - NO
Am I concern with the common sense part of owning a Gun Yes !

I am a new gun owner - I take it very seriously / I understand the power of a Gun.

Someone Commented about concerns going to a range with new gun owners I agree and understand that logic- But in the same breath I have seen veteran gun owners going to the range and are careless as hell - so it goes both ways

I grew up in NYC - I personally experience the crime spree of the late 60’s and 70’s and even to early 80’s - I was getting Robbed / saw robberies - etc. etc. - I can write a book - I took Martial Arts as a form of defense - I was to young to own or possess a gun at that time. Now I think if I had a gun at that time would I have use it - Probably not - It was scary, for me but I was living in that environment so it seem at that time normal way of living /

Fast Forward to today - I have a lot more wisdom with my age and take a little credit for some common sense. I believe that every american has the right to protect themselves - with whatever means - if there was no guns the criminals would use something else -

I have a problem understanding the Gun Laws, they are just simply all over the place - and make it very challenging for people to obtain them . I live in an open carry State - ? My opinion is some people are absolutely uncomfortable with a gun in there presence I get that and respect that / Police are uncomfortable with a open carry law

Again I am new to this, I would rather CC my gun - even though I cant in my state - and to get a CCL I have to practically cut off my pinky finger -

I am rambling - getting back to the topic I am not concern with the increase of purchases - I agree that most will lock it up and collect dust - those who venture out I hope they do everything to learn more

My only concern is the common sense part which unfortunately is not so common


I disavowed Communist NY 45 years ago. As a matter of fact, criminality in NY was so prevalent, it seemed a normal way of life that I almost fell into it myself. I always new something was wrong hence my early escape. My philosophy now. Leave the pinky, take the gun!
IMHO escape any state that is not friendly to our constitutional liberties.
Soon there will be only one state that will be friends of the 2A. If my state were to change to a NY state of mind I will pickup and leave for the mountains.


Local shops around here are having a difficult time getting firearms and ammo delivered. I have a firearm I purchased that’s on backorder, no clue when it will be delivered to the shop.


If they get training, more safe. either way, more people on our side to fight the gun-grabbers(legally). Hopefully, they will learn in a safe manner and don’t get gun guts.


Hopefully they will fully embrace the lifestyle, get training, carry always, get good, behave


The benefit to the 2A community is the education of what possibly were once anti-gun folks.
Imagine finding out you need to be subjected to background checks when you used to believe that it’s easier to buy a gun than borrow a book from the library.


I think its a good thing. But all of us need to be on the lookout for these new gun owners for a couple reasons. First, keep in mind that the only firearms training they have probably came from tv, movies, and the media. Second, then dont have the safety rules pounded into their heads yet. So, watch for muzzle sweeps, fingers using the trigger as a finger rest, etc. Be kind. Be helpful. Always keep in mind that rightly or wrongly, as a gun owner you are always an ambassador for all gun owners. Gun owners are portrayed in a negative light in the media and are depicted as, well, you know how we are depicted. As such, a new gun owner might be very hesitant or unsure about approaching or asking for help. Dont do anything to reinforce the negative stereotype. Be kind, be helpful, After your interaction, point them in the direction of further education, whether it may be a group like USCCA, youtube videos, becoming friends on facebook. I mean you dont have to invite him/her to your firstborn’s first birthday party, but if you are comfortable, connect on a site like facebook (I know, oh the humanity) but it is pretty universal and unassuming. That way they have a safe way to contact you with further questions, they can see some groups you follow to give them some guidance, things like that.

So, to sum it up as I am sure I have already bored most of you to death, be kind, be helpful, be non-judgmental.


I just wonder how the left feels knowing they funded thousands of gun purchases with CV-19 money.:smile::smile::smile:


Dont feel to bad ive been waiting now 7 months for a new g2c from tauras… I bought it dec 2019 sent it back dec 2019 and still waiting on tauras. And i just had a pin slide out and then they came to a conclusion 34 days ago it was a bent frame… Im like well that could have literally blown up in my face and the fact its now over half a year send me a new g3c instead yikes.

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I had commented on this conversation a while back - I revert to it because the assumption/opinion of many regarding purchases is true most new gun owners will never ever even shoot their gun and collect dust in storage - example true story

Stopped at my friends house the other day - he had purchased a gun 2-3 months ago - we are chatting and he wants to show me his gun - he bought a s&w 9mm - he opens a secure box and there it is a beauty / mag ready to go but not in gun - so 1) he passes it to me without any safety check / 2 he has never shot the gun / 3 did not know the safety switch / 4 did not know to snap back the rack / 5 did not know how to disassemble / 6 did not have the right ammo for self defense -7 and he sleeps with it on the night stand -

I talked him to go with me to the range to get practice - he does not want to travel with It in a vehicle

So the opinion / assumption of many many of the new gun owners are just like him

Will never use/shoot
And are dangerous If they had to shoot

I am also a new gun owner - on the opposite track - I am trying to learn everything I need to know about my gun

I am extremely comfortable with what I have learn So far and I have much more to learn - but it not just knowledge - it awareness and also having the right tools
Holster / belts / etc

So I think most gun owners will follow that track


I do agree with you Scott52 100% I have seen some stupid things on the range that had me walking away not worth it to get injured or killed by a fool


New gun owners please don’t be discouraged. Take the time to read the documents that come with your new firearm. Clean your new firearm and become familiar with each specific component and feature. Memorize key safety rules. USCCA offers some great on-line training to help you develop the skills you need to protect yourself and those you love. Be inquisitive and curious. We have a great community that is willing to reach out and help you. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked. Once ranges are open, take the next step and seek out qualified instruction. A class is less intimidating than showing up on your own.


Neutral as well. I just hope with all the gun purchases especially people with a first-time go get classes get educated and trained and spend some time on the Range.


Here’s my not so hot take on it. If even a portion of the new gun owners take it responsibly, and become anti-gun converts it is an overall win. If even a portion get exposed to the reality that once you actually have a gun the training consists of all the reasons you should never fire one (at somebody), even if they don’t keep the weapon, it’s a win. Those who bought out of panic, but don’t really like guns, and return to an anti-gun lifestyle were never with us to begin with so no loss. Factor in a little “natural selection” and …well we won’t go there…:wink: