Disarmed society

I came across a couple of articles today, that characterize British society, after it achieved progressive “holy grail” -removal of firearms from public. No doubt, also coming to New Zealand.


A violent person is empowered when they are the kind of people who actually are willing and know how to use alternative weapons. So after disarming most of the public,the criminal actually gets emboldened. People today are not used to edged weapons or blunt trauma weapons. Those are weapons of another kind of era.

Australia had an increase in property crimes, various assaults (including rape) after the great gun grab of theirs.

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Timothy Mcveigh. Enough said.

Violent people will do violent things.


^^^^^^ Exactly. Taking away one tool does not take away their desire to do bad things. They need help beyond taking away a tool - but society would prefer an easy button solution to a problem that requires a lot of hard work and personal accountability.