I’m working with the filters to fix the weird filtering that is looking at word parts instead of stand alone words. Should have that fixed soon.


Awesome. Because it is really putting a kink in the use of Latin and Greek-based technical terms. I have a sister, born in the early 60s to WW2 generation parents, whose middle name is Gay. By the time we were teenagers, that was a problem. :rofl:


My aunts name is Gay.

@USCCA USCCA thanks. But what was really weird is that word was not even in my post. Unless spell correct thought that’s what I meant. I’m not a bigot.


The Thought Police believe you are; that is enough. :sunglasses:


I equipped both of my kids’ backpacks with flexible armor inserts in the hope that between those, the books and the laptops, they might be in fairly decent shape when running away or sheltering in place.

My brother-in-law frequently works in military facilities that have strict carry rules about everything. He is limited to a pocket knife with a less-than-2" blade. For Christmas I bought him a tactical pen which he can carry everywhere. Of course, as a former career Recon Marine, he could kill with a bar of soap… Shadow2f5 might consider a pen.

Years ago I went through a couple of hours of a “defensive driving” course that has always made me feel a bit better whenever I’m behind the wheel. I can also recommend TFT (Target Focused Training, Tim Larkin’s courses), especially for their first rule of thumb: walk/run/drive away immediately. That is of course the same advice that the USCCA gives us: the best way to survive a fight is to avoid it.


Liberals, plain and simple.

Update: so now this just happened right outside the campus I work at. Really think I’m going to choose life over policy from now on.


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@Shadow2f5, I do not, as many of us here, use FB, so I cannot read what is in the link.

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Here is a screen shot

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Thank you.

Now to add salt to the wound…just found out that the victim was a friend of mine.

Corrupt Marxist DAs being put in by people who wish to break this country? Sounds like you have filth for a DA in PA, too.

Vote 'em out. Start there. DAs are the tail that wags the dog.

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Obviously not a lot of details yet, but, sorry about your friend.



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