Right to defend others in PA

 I bought 3 AR-15s for me and my 2 boys.  I have zero experience with this weapon.  I decided to schedule a class for all 3 of us. 
 The class was great,  we learned a lot.  What came next was the shock.  
 We were having a conversation post class with the instructor who was ex-marine and retired federal agent.  I have my c&c in PA. I WAS SHOCKED to learn that you cannot defend anyone other than your immediate family in PA unless you're life was directly in jeopardy.  Ie, per the instructor you need an act 32 license to stop anyone with a firearm and what ever you do,  don't shoot them in the back.  Or you're going to jail.  This includes off duty police officers.
 Guess the moral of the story... know your state laws.  Now,  I'd sooner be judged by 12 than carried by 6, but i would think it would be gross negligence to have the power to stop something and not do it...
 Thoughts on the topic please...

Sounds like the law makers in PA don’t value the lives of their residents.


Who are you telling. I was amazed. Obvioysly, we walk into anywhere and watch our surroundings. What would you do if… now that knowledge changes things a bit, or maybe it doesn’t. Hope I’ll never find out.

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Shebe2266, I would suggest that you get a copy or go to library and get a copy of PA title 18 laws and then get a current PA law enforcement handbook by Larry Holtz. PA laws are a little difficult to understand and I think you’ll find the way they are interrupted, varies somewhat from area to area. You also have the benefit of asking an attorney a question with USCCA. Stay safe, and have a Happy New Year!


Happy new year indeed. It seems all attacked against us.