Dicks Sporting Goods...shop there, or not?


Looking like we may have the answer.

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I didn’t shop at Dick’s before all this started. I tried to buy some .22 LR there a long time ago. They wanted to keep my FOID on file. That’s not protocol. They wanted it for THEIR records. I left the ammo and have never gone back.


I used to go to Dick’s a lot. Not for firearms stuff, but more for sports stuff for my son. Since they came out with their views on gun control, I’ve gone there maybe once.

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When it comes to firearms and firearm accessories, I try to shop local


I went there a few times when they opened the first one here. They were so overpriced on everything, I went back to Academy. We have a Bass Pro and a Cabela’s within 20 minutes, but I never buy firearms at any of the big boxes. Way too high on prices, the local shops here beat all of them by at least 15%. Example, my father in law bought a Colt 1911 from Bass Pro for $1100. One of my go to guys could get it for $750. Dick’s was in the same boat as far as prices on athletic gear and hunting and fishing stuff. In my neck of the woods anyway.


I refuse to even walk in the store since they came out with this policy. I have sat outside the store when a friend "HAD’ to buy some athletic gear from them (dictated by a school) as it was the only store with in 50 miles that sold the required item.

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I walked in maybe no more than 5 times to see what they had for gym/workout items. Horrible selection and as it was pointed out there prices are very high.

My wife has bought some clothing, running shoes, and a Fitbit from them way before this came out and we hadn’t been back since maybe 2014 or 2015.

Once this anti 2nd amendment position came out we were set to never go back and hoped they went belly up.


Stopped shopping there the minute I heard they were funding Anti-2A lobbyists. I heard about that right after one of the mass shootings, think is was Las Vegas. Didn’t shop there much to begin with, but now I won’t at all.

The worst part is, I’m sure I shop at alot of non friendly 2A businesses and don’t even realize it. I probably should try and find an index of this, I’m betting someone has made one.

There’s also a difference when they actually start hiring lobbyists to try and destroy an amendment to our constitution, that’s kinda where we all have to draw a hard line. It’s not surprising though, liberals like them think of the constitution as an nuisance to their goals.

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Hey @John1 check out this thread.



Thanks, I’ll check it out.


I bought ammo there once. They took my LTC information. Never went back. I understand MA has gun registration, but certainly not ammo registration, which is what that felt like.


will not!

I shop academy if you have them. great selection and prices


thank you for the link

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Stopped going there after they started removing guns from stores and increased the age limit. Pretty much get my ammo at Fleet Farm only now.

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NOPE! Give my buisness to those who appreciate it.

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I shopped at Dick’s some years ago, long before their recent anti-2A stance became public. I hadn’t been in years though, and I certainly will never spend a dime at Dick’s again. They are truly living up to their name!


I did before they took a dump on the 2nd Amendment. Now, they won’t get a dime from our family.

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NO NO NO. The quality if mediocre and when they pulled that AR15 nonsense stopped going altogether. Fortunately Cabelas opened shop 30 miles from me. It’s the place to go. The crowd there is fantastic. Dick has few cars in the parking lot. But lits if people at DSW next door and even more people at the pastry shop​:smile::smile::smile:

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Refuse to step foot in one since they came out with their policy.

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They weren’t interested in me or my needs why should I darken their door? No there are other places that will sell what I want no need to go to a place called Dicks.

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