Department of Defense Employee Says National Guard Should Be Used for Gun Confiscation in Undercover Video

Department of Defense Employee Says National Guard Should Be Used for Gun Confiscation in Undercover Video

Controversial far-right activist and journalist James O’Keefe has done it again. He recorded a Department of Defense employee discussing how the National Guard can be used to confiscate guns from citizens.

Despite the underhanded tactics by O’Keefe, the video shines a light on the government’s attitude towards the Second Amendment, particularly the use of firearms and gun ownership.
This particular “interview” is shocking for two reasons. One, the interview was done in secret, apparently in a casual setting — a signature of O’Keefe’s brand of investigative journalism.

Two, the subject of the interview is a seemingly high-ranking government official. Identified as Jason Beck, the subject works for the DoD as an “associate director.” And he has plenty of strong opinions on gun control.
Beck proposed to repeal the Second Amendment. He wanted the government to take all the guns away, highlighting a fundamental disagreement with some principles in the Constitution.

He suggested the confiscation of firearms be done through the National Guard. This suggestion can be seen as somewhat aligning with the main function of the National Guard. But in what scope?

This is the little DoD Weasel doing the big Talking! Jason Beck
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Fella’s I have a bad feeling about this.


lol! Don’t worry Don, they’ll come for me first,…

I recently used my debit card to order a shotgun online, then the same card to pay the FFL for my background check.

Ohhh, and ANOTHER 3,200 rounds of ammunition just showed up from Midway over the last few days!!!

If that hasn’t put me on more than one list……


I’m not worried I’m PISSED…There’s a difference.


One can click on interview or go here for video.


One of the swamp creatures that needs to be put on the street on Jan 20th.


You do understand what misinformation is right?

Pretty much covered in the intro how this video is :ox::poop:


He needs to be put in a hole (my opinion only)


If guns are confiscated, why not food, Holodomor style. At least take that evil beef from them, in exchange for wholesome roach meal.


Famine/Genocide Ukraine (1933)?


Yes, military vs farmers. Feed the proletariat in the cities (back then, today, Operation Sustainable Newcomer)


I’m not going into what I believe is going to happen here but if these
out if touch politicians TRULY BELIEVE that this is a viable option, that they
can actually dismantle the 2A and other Rights and Laws and ‘attempt’
a ‘Firearms confiscation’ then they are stupider than I thought :bomb:
(and THAT’S saying something)
They are digging a hole they don’t have a ladder tall enough to get out of.
If you give these migrants EVERYTHING while ignoring the suffering of your own
and if you think WE will be OK with eating Bugs, EV cars and all the other stupid
sh!t they are trying to foist on us then they will be real surprised when they receive
the final pushback…
WE waited too long and they got away with a lot
But the finals straws are:
Mayorkis getting away
Biden’s Crimes being diluted
($96) BILLION more to Ukraine and others (that we don’t have)
and on and on…

It’s past time to say enough to these doddering fools.


There is a process for this. He must be discharged next day this video is made public, and his superior needs to get a disciplinary letter for lax leadership.

Remember Ft.Hood major who signed paperwork “soldier of allah” for years? This guy announces his willingness to break the law.


My son was a Recruiter for the National Guard for 21 yrs! In his last few years as recruiter, I asked him a favor, if he would ask new recruits and maybe enlisted question!! If ordered, what they give up their personally owned guns and or take the guns from friends and family? He said the majority of them said no way! Even a few were not going to join if they had to do either!! Funny, for that reason he had to stop asking!!!


I do believe if this keeps going the way it is there is going to be another civil war that will make the first one look like kids play and Jan 6 look like a pick nick.


For months I have downplayed the whole CW in my head.
Nah! Not going to happen I kept telling myself
But this administration keeps PUSHING. Insane mandates and Rules.
Outrageous Laws and actions (that seem to be just to piss us all off!)
How do ILLEGAL ALIENS, who snuck or were welcomed in be given everything?
And American’s are continuously sh!t on? What in the name of… is going on?.
How does the Resident Puppet keep pushing idiotic Climate change mandates?
Electric Semi-Trucks? WTF? Seriously? and just where pray tell are all these trucks going to charge up? Hm?
The list of atrocities foisted on us is too long (and well know by you folk’s)

The one thing I am confident in is OUR Military is NOT going to fight their own.
The .gov may think differently, but only a small fraction are of the ‘Rainbow Fighting Whatevers’.

If they wish a fight
I’d just honestly say KEEP PUSHING SNOWFLAKES! Keep Pushing.


why do so many people think our politicians are out of touch???

you really think they don’t know what they are doing?

lot of money changing hands as well…


Showed this to a buddy of mine and he said, “I wish they would get to it while I’m still young enough to make it fun!” :rofl:

Can’t say I disagree with him much…


first of all everyone that joins the service take’s an oath to defend the constitution, therefore any order contrary to the constitution would be unlawful. I would say 95% of service member take that oath to heart. i do think the tree of freedom needs to be watered. and the swamp needs to be drained.


I Concur Enzo w/ your assessment. (I know SHOCKER! :laughing:)
But to be totally honest ‘IF’ they push us too far (we’re already bent over backwards practically)
there is going to be a brawl. Of this I have no doubt. It’s like the analogy of a bully on the school
playground for years he’s taken/abused the smaller kids —shaken them down for lunch money,
doing his homework for him etc and now the children have grown and the old ways aren’t working for him anymore so he HAS to use more violence to get the results he use to get. Well those kids out number by far and he gets his beating he’s looking to give to the children.
Maybe not the best example but these people have TAKEN and TAKEN and continue to push really INSANE mandates and Over reach. What the he!! do you think is going to happen :bomb: EXACTLY!
It really isn’t bad IF YOU ARE READY for it. A good house cleaning is good for the Masses every once in a while. They haven’t ASKED us what we think or feel about ANYTHING for years… WE THE PEOPLE are an ANNOYANCE to them. They are the BRITISH in the 1700’s, the German’s in the 1940’s. Mussolini tried his heavy handed tactic’s on his own and what did the achieve? A rope necklace hanging from a lamp post beaten to death w/ rocks! (appropriate).
WE ARE MANY, THAY ARE FEW as the old saying (and favorite Tee shirt say’s)
The Migrants, now that is a different situation but I’ve seen larger numbers be defeated in Battle and you don’t have to eradicate them all. They see their Brethren fall and a lot of them will .be very docile, the reality is the FEAR POWDER being spread is their will be a Migrant UPRISING (this is by the same folks that are over ruling us as we speak) But the facts are it’s the Tattoo faces and the Hardcore Crim’s that need to be dealt with, the Soldiers, Maybe the hoard of Chinese, Muslim Extremists and these people are going to be a serious fight. NO DOUBT.
I’ve given up on Peace in our time. It (in my mind) is going to get ugly)

It’s past time to get ready.
Bring sanity and Reason back to this country.
Stay Frosty Folk’s

Mi dos pesos

Sorry , almost forgot. The State of Maine is trying for Total Gun Confiscation of the Masses…

Bring the Popcorn!


I think they are OUT OF TOUCH w/ REALITY my Friend.
These people are acting like the Kings and Queens of Yesteryear!
Their POWER has gone to their heads!
The Money is their GOD!
The people are good for only one thing—WARS
Their thievery is Blatant and out in the open
The decisions are out in the open
The ‘migrant’ is a means to staying in power (VOTES!)
That’s IT, The new useful idiot.
That’s all they are.
…Back-up don, There is another reason the Migrant suits their needs.
They are Pliable (compared to us American Citizens who demand our Rights and Freedoms
and all those other pesky things…how dare we ! sheesh!
They want a brave new world (with us not in it)

Tyrants always act the same. Do the same things, follow the same playbook…always
And fortunately (for us) the end results are the same. They are over thrown and well
let’s just say the end isn’t what the felt it would be.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the same same over and over again and expecting a different result.
These people think hey, we didn’t do it right last time. We will try again for NEW WORLD ORDER again and get it right.
No more Jews
No more Guns
No more Freedoms
No more Social Security (us useless eaters)
HOW DARE YOU RETIRE! and live off of us it’s OUR money you are stealing!
Power and Total Control over the useless masses.
Let’s see…off the top of my head:
Marie Antionette (France) Lost her head!
Benito Mussolini (Italy) Hanged / Stoned (and not in a good way)
Pol Pot (Cambodia) Dead Heart attack in Prison–Pity)
Da Fuhrur: died in Argentin…I mean Berlin (Self Inflicted gun shot—Yeah right!
Pudding Pants (USA) Addicted to adrenochrome and… film at 11.
Klaus Schwab: Ravensburg, Nazi Germany (GITMO) Date of death soon.
and on and on it goes.
There are so many more to list but you get the idea.
They make their Citizens suffer till they FORCE the Citizenry to fight back.
Look at China and Russia, Venezuela and the Middle East ( Pick a country)

But they will continue their wicked ways until WE say ENOUGH!

It’s time folks.
And just to prove what a mind reader I am I don’t expect a Knock on the door from the Alphabets
who am I little old me w/ my Mean Tweets. But I believe Bryan Malinowski didn’t expect a zero dark Thirty Pool Party invite either.

I’m sick of this shite. I am sick of the suffering and devastation being brought down on INNOCENTS heads. And WE are supposedly a Free country? The Divided States of Amerika Sieg Heil!