Department of Defense Employee Says National Guard Should Be Used for Gun Confiscation in Undercover Video

Jasen Beck Bonhoeffer theory



“Can ignorant people sometimes be more dangerous than evil ones? Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian murdered by Nazism, proposed an interesting theory in this respect. Find out more here”.

Bonhoeffer’s theory of stupidity acts as a reflection of past and present events. We all know how to identify evil, so we shouldn’t hesitate in acting against it. However, in the face of ignorance, often lies defenselessness. As such, we don’t attend to reason and evil tends to spread silently.

Stupidity gives truth to the most unlikely ideas, ridiculous conspiracy theories, and dangerous proclamations. It frequently occurs on social media.

The problem is that irrational voices are contagious. In fact, they spread and go viral in our society. And, we discover that ignorance can be actually more threatening than malice. But, how is this unique phenomenon orchestrated? You can find out here.

I Had to look that up (hey, I can’t POSSIBLY know everything! :crazy_face:)

EXCELLENT first post Brother Lance! Welcome to the Fold!


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@Lance31 Welcome to the community!

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Thanks all for the welcome, I shall enjoy this community.DOD employee is just blowing hot air an no one is listening.


I’m not sure what you mean by the video being bs. Here is another video related to that, where O’Keefe meets with the guy again and “outs himself”.


they will take that at same time along with destroying your garden and anything else they find useful


Anyone who advocates unconstitutional firearms confiscation should be arrested on conspiracy to commit a Civil Rights Violation!


No WorriesGlenn, Second Shot heard round the world comin’ up! BANG! BANG!


Welcome to the community. We don’t fall for it. I mean that in a good way but the sarcasm flies.

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