Demo Days?

I highly suggest shooting a firearm before you buy it if at all possible. A great way to do that is to attend a range “Demo Day.” (Other ranges may call it something else.)

Gun manufacturer representatives bring an assortment of their most popular firearms to the range for you to try, usually for the price of ammo. I’ve gone to the Sig Sauer and Glock demo days (I know, shocking) and am going to a CZ demo day this weekend.

What Demo Days have you been to?


2018 USCCA Expo…it was like a ride at six flags…stand in line, shoot the demo gun…get back in line to shoot the next. :smiley:

No, no “real” range demo days other than virtually through various gun-tubers.


Nighthawk Custom… Well, we went there, but they kept putting guns in my hand saying “here, shoot this…” So I did. :grinning:

Back in the day, I used to go to the demo days at the local range. It was definitely worth it, as sometimes you try something you might not otherwise that “opened your eyes” or even to find out something you wanted wasn’t what you thought it was.

STI, Wilson Combat and I’m going for CZ next month :+1:

@Dawn, looks we are going to attend “CZ demo” (mine is going to be 2 weeks after yours). Could you please check if CZ will present any Dan Wesson’s firearms? Thx :handshake:

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I didn’t see this until after the event, @Jerzy - sorry :frowning:

I don’t know if they take the same firearms to all of their demo days. :thinking:

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@Dawn :+1: Let us know what they bring to your demo day.

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I am hoping to go to a demo day for the Sig Sauer Rattler. It’s a lot of money for me to spend on a gun, and I want to make sure it fills the niche I want it to fill.

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The ISRA holds one every fall. You buy tickets and sit through a gun safety talk before shooting. They have all kinds of guns from the new ones to classics like the 1903 Springfield (which I LOVE to shoot).

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Have you been at CZ Demo this weekend?

No word from @Dawn:pensive:
My CZ demo day I’ve attended was great. Over 10 firearms I could try :slightly_smiling_face:
My EDC is P-01 Omega, so I wanted to compare other models to mine.
I know there are few CZ users here and I’d be happy to hear their opinion.

  1. CZ P-07:
    Not good result at 15 ft (I blame myself, long time I haven’t shot polymer pistol)
    But great fit in hand, nice trigger

  2. CZ P-10C
    Better result, but horrible trigger pull… will never use this one for self-defense for sure

  3. CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    :thinking: :shushing_face: :hugs: :relaxed:… so I’ve tried 50 ft…
    :sunglasses: :kissing:
    This is heck of a gun :ok_hand:

  4. CZ guy handling the demo wanted me to try this one… :woozy_face:

    I’m completely not familiar with RED DOT, so result was horrible :-1:

    don’t even ask me where I was aiming :joy:

I highly encourage all of you to attend Demo Days. Sometimes you can shoot what is not available for renting… and it’s fun :love_you_gesture:

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