Shot Show New Guns Sneak Peek


Here’s a video Kevin Michalowski did at Shot Show giving a peek at all of the new guns to come!

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Is there anything in the da/sa 9mm single stack pocketable category? I can’t see the list since I’m not on Facebook.


There is a 1911-style Kimber that Kevin talks about. I took a screen capture of the video :slight_smile:


Thank you for the screenshot. It’s not what I’m looking for but, very nice none the less. :blush::+1:


There’s a lot on the video. It’s a very high level walk through of some of the booths at Shot Show. I’ll see if we can get some native video for the Community :wink:

We do have some videos from last year’s Shot Show on our YouTube channel. Here’s one of a training vest. Kevin is a very good sport about trying things! :laughing:


Kimber makes some very nice 1911’s

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Don’t have any social media except for this, so I guess I’ll have to see if I can find this on YouTube.


@Dawn, does he get hazard pay?! :slight_smile:

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@KevinM Loves this type of stuff!

When I did my proving ground two years ago, he made me feel the shock vest and the shock knife we used for the filming before we started.

He warned me when he was going to trigger the vest. He didn’t warn me about the knife as he walked by and slashed it across my leg. He was lucky he walked away quickly. :rofl:


Hey @Dawn… come at me, bro! That Shock Knife stopped you cold and I would use it again! I ain’t scared of you… while I type at this keyboard, 124 miles away… Bring it!

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That shock knife did stop me cold - it freaking hurt! But no where near how a real knife would have hurt!

Yup, we have just a bit of fun working at the USCCA! :smile:

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