Deciding on jogging "holster"

Here’s an update, I’ve pulled the trigger on the crossbreed bellyband today so that should be on its way though given current shipping conditions (from covid) it may take a while to get here. Once it does, a review will be forthcoming.

Also one other item to remind you of, crossbreed does have USCCA discounts which was nicely appreciated.

“Belly band Holsters” are what you are looking for.
Check in Amazon they have a lot of options and good prices.
Stay away from Chinese garbage.

Maybe a little too big to kid with but I would definitely use it to walk with and concealed carry

Have you had any issues without the strap? I use the same belly band. I hate the button strap. I was practicing with it today and I occasionally forget to undo the button which is no bueno. I carry at 3:30-4:00 and I’m just a little worried about the gun inching out with sitting, standing, walking.


@Scoutbob No, I have not had any issues and I have completely removed the strap. I use the old strap slot now to attach the end of my trigger guard… one quick pull and the guard slids off. I practiced with a blue LEO replica for hundreds of draws before my loaded firearm. Everyone’s body shape is different as well as our weapons. I have a flat stomach and a 32" waist and appendix carry. And I only use it for my compact single-stack Glock 43.
With the belly band I can get a deep conceal with great retention. Obviously my draw is much slower but at least I have my firearm on me (sometimes in places that I am not “supposed” to).


I might do this! I really hate the button strap. I would definitely feel safe with a trigger guard in there.