Dealing with an armed security guard with an attitude

Today I had an encounter with an open-carrying security guard that actually left me feeling as though he was intentionally menacing me with his gun, though it remained in his holster.

My colleague and I had gone to see a company that we could potentially do business with. My company makes specialized manufacturing equipment for specific industries, and the company we were calling on is the type that would use our products. They had an address listed, so we drove there. The place was a very large industrial looking building, in an industrial park. It had a very long row of loading docks down one side, and tractor trailers coming and going. I could see that there were different names above the docks. The whole complex was surrounded by a tall fence, with a locked automatic, unmanned gate. I was dressed in a business clothes, with my company logo embroidered in my pressed white shirt, and my colleague was also totally professional looking.

We got to the gate, and called on the call box. Someone answered, and we said we were there to meet with this particular company. He said “there’s no company in this building by that name” and basically ended the conversation abruptly. We stood there at the gate for a few more minutes, checking the address, and trying to call a contact at the company. I walked down the fence a little way to try and get a look at the names over the docks to see if I could spot, maybe, a parent company, or a DBA, or anything that would tell me they were there under a different name.

Suddenly, this dude comes walking fast out of the building toward us, with a security patch on his shirt and a double stack Glock open carry on his right hip. He comes out through the gate, right up to me, and says in a pretty aggressive way, “what, you don’t believe me?”

I tried to explain to him that we were wondering if maybe this company was operating under a DBA, and I noticed that the whole time I’m talking to him he’s got his hands on his hips, doing his best Raylan Givens with his fingers holding the handle of his Glock. There was absolutely no need for that, we were being respectful, outside their gate, and there for legitimate business purposes. His attitude and the fact that he looked ready to draw his weapon immediately had me at condition orange, and my hand went in my pocket around my revolver.

Was what he was doing menacing? What’s the protocol when someone, like a private security guard in Florida, is allowed to open carry? He was basically doing the best he could to show me his gun, even though I was no threat at all. Do private security guards have any authority other than to ask you to leave? I had never even resisted leaving, just questioned if the company I wanted was maybe in the building under a different name. He did agree, the address on their site is the building he was “guarding”, but insisted they’re not in there.

I’m too old and too professional to be talked to and menaced by a punk kid with a giant Glock and a bigger attitude.


Very unprofessional.
I bet the bullet was in his pocket. :wink:


The best response would be to call the company you were trying to do business with and describe your encounter with one of their employees or contractors. Betcha they would be horrified if they knew that a rent-a-cop cost them a customer or valued vendor.


Or next week he shot some vendor who chose to argue. :dizzy_face:


I’m still trying to picture a Fat Black Cat dressed in pressed business attire. :thinking:


Damn, you just made me snort whiskey out my nose!!!


:rofl: Love you too Brother, that’s Alcohol Abuse. :rofl:


I have what I expect to be a rather unpopular opinion, but, I stand behind it so here goes:

This is an ego issue, and not just his.

Avoidance and deescalation includes not making decisions or taking actions based on the above sentiment.

What’s the saying about when you’re carrying a gun…you’re sorry, they are correct, all the things.

Edit: And apologizes if I mis-interpreted that last line and inferred something to actions/attitude there at the time that wasn’t here…text and implication/inference can be hit or miss


Now, as for following up, professionally and politely, but matter of factly, with people in a higher station than him after the fact so stuff can roll downhill, different story


The management needs to know about the incident. The guard clearly has issues, and it reflects poorly on the company. I would make a report just as a matter of courtesy to the business, and also to mitigate potential risk to their workplace.


I was back in my truck and out of there as quick as I could scoot. I didn’t trust that little f"ck and his big old Glock as far as I could spit his little ass. If I’d had to, I was ready, but I didn’t want an encounter for anything.



I am truly sorry Joseph for this man’s behavior. He is TROUBLE (Future law Suits/DEATH of INNOCENTS)
I have danced all around Security in different fields for my entire career.
I’ve said some stuff that gives you an idea of what I’m about.
I do take offense to mark’s rent-a-cop comment (we are oil and water I guess,
and that will apparently never change, Opinions are like…)
The purpose of an Armed Guard is Protection to whom signs your check.
There is Freedom in having Guards that you don’t get w/ Law Enforcement.
LESS RED TAPE. Onsite Protection.
The object of having a guard is visibility, Peace of mind, and if the SHTF Force/Action.
But w/ anything in the Private sector you get what you pay for. If a business hires
Security on the cheap that will be the caliber of the guards that are assigned that post you can expect.
If they aren’t discerning they will take ANYBODY that can obtain a License and legally buy a gun.
You can be a THUG but as long as you are a thug w/ a clean record somebody will hire you.
The lack of quality guards today is staggering. EVERY Industry has sucked the world dry of quality Security Officers. Good Guards will never be mall cops, never work at Home depot. Good Guard firms will hire Vet’s. offer Training and Range/Trigger time. Companies worth their salt will send potential guards to a shrink of some reputation and have them evaluated. If unsuitable they will be asked to move on down the road. Aggressive people should not become guards…Bully’s, A-Holes Nyet!
We get a bad rap being a guard often by people who can’t help but keep sticking their heads up their asses when they speak. A good guard WILL NOT INTIMADATE , WILL NOT THREATEN, WILL NOT BE A $HIT STIRRER. He/She is there to protect Property and their employer, THAT’S IT! he/she is not there to CAUSE problems they are there to keep the peace.
Yes, We are there as a deterrent, you see us and you have ill will towards that company we are there to either stop the threat before anything happens or END YOU. We have ZERO power outside the employers job site, No arrest capability, We ARE NOT COPS! But we have to follow the rules just like everybody else, that is where bad guards get in trouble and we get a $hitty rep. Guards that aren’t monitored/observed by their own, look slovenly, unkept is a situation (BAD) waiting to happen.
The vet’s who don’t feel ready to retire are the BEST HIRES. They KNOW how to follow orders, They KNOW what is expected of them, They KNOW WHEN to shoot and when NOT to shoot. And they know when to back the hell off and call for back-up. Disengaging is NOT failure, Confrontation can get you killed. A Good guard is comfortable in his own skin, secure in their manhood, and can take an insult.
Somebody once said (Patrick Swayze/Roadhouse) “If they call my mother a whore I’m supposed to take it”? he replied “IS SHE?” Words from an idiot mean nothing. It’s proven everyday.

Once again, I’m sorry for your encounter. Just a small piece of advice don’t put your hand in your pocket when you encounter a bully guard. He was a dick. Let them be a dick. You are secure in your position and you were in the right, he was totally wrong and should be reported. You had your gun…that could have escalated badly for the both of you. A confrontation with a BLM’er, a robber, an armed aggressive drunk is one thing, Obviously Protect yourself (@ all times). but an idiot w/ a gun like this can spell disaster for the both of you. We can get jammed up on a street coming home from work, minding our own business, we can be licensed to carry and still get screwed if we don’t do EVERYTHING in our power to Avoid trouble. That is why I carry ‘OC spray’, a collapsible Baton My firearm is the LAST RESORT. As it should be.


Where’s ya bullet Barney? :rofl:


Actually my company got security, and then fired them all in a couple of months.

  1. They harassed and talked rudely to employees. Come to work 15 minutes early, they’re telling you, can’t sit in your cars. They would go up to cars and shine flashlights in peoples vehicles, looking for anything to get ya for. A few times they zapped their tazer to scare people.

  2. When it actually came to a fight, they didn’t show up till about 15 minutes later.


To me, Security Guards are civilians in a costume. I take things like this a little different. My first question would be, Hand on your gun? Followed be making a mental note of Name and Agency. Then, like you, I’d just get the hell out of there.


I would definitely call the security company that employs that clown.

Looking over the Florida law (as a layperson) I suspect that whether that rose to the level of menacing may hinge on what constitutes brandishing in Florida? Even if no criminal actions took place, that is all incredibly unprofessional.


Sounds to me like you found a real life shell company. Either that or there’s something illegal going on in there.


I could have just watched too much TV, and the guy’s just being a total d***. :joy: Either one is a possibility.


Prolly some D-bag making min wage from one of those security guard companies, they will work for free if they can pack a piece and walk around like Barney Fife with their hand hanging on the grip. I can hear the background music “ Dum da dada Dum dadadaaa dun dadadumdadaaaa” lol


WE ARE CIVILIANS Brother! (Screw the costume crack, I’ll let that go)
That’s the whole point right there.
We have a JOB, just like you.
Ours is a bit different though in that we sign up as PROTECTION for our clients.
I’m a SHEEP DOG down to the Marrow. I’ve always been.
I’ve protected battered Women, Celeb’s, Industry and a friggin’ General (THE BEST JOB EVER!)
I’ve protected somebody else’s MONEY, Property and clients Children. I have a great rep and intend to keep that no matter what I choose to do.
As a Guard you DON’T Harass ANYBODY! Intimadate, Brandish, Threaten or abuse ANYBODY.
hand on the gun/Butt/Holster , knock on a window w/ you flash etc THAT is VERBOTEN!
You should be Kind, Helpful, Exude warmth, compassionate, Helpful and COMPETANT!
You should be NICE…until it’s time NOT to be nice (roadhouse again)

A Bully A-HOLE should be reported
Should lose their job
Should be in another field (preferably working alone @ night in a remote area pushing a broom.)

And Ben TRG: that’s EXACTLY what I thought right off! they stumbled onto a site that wasn’t legit or maybe .gov (that explains the A-hole response)
I worked for a Client who was a Contractor who served the military (TS,Q clearance) Guards scowled, they exuded anger, Tough, Bully I got promoted ahead of some because I was Helpful, Courteous and direct. Word gets back to the higher ups if you are a dick. Word gets back if you are just doing your job…which would you rather be? I’d rather hold a door open for a lady/Visitor than scowl and have m hand on my gun… Justa sayin’