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Here’s my question?. I recently upgraded my membership to the elite so they sent me this Dash Cam. Survival kit? And the gun cleaning kit the problem I’m having? Is this Dash Cam on how to operate it? Because some of the functions are not operating like that piece of paper that gives the instructions like how to charge it. For instance? I don’t know if it’s charging but yet I leave it all night on the charger and then I. Turn it on in my car and it says low battery? Does anybody have a clue can anybody help me with this? This is the dash cam that I got when I upgraded to the elite status…


Dash cameras aren’t meant to run on battery really, they are meant to be plugged in while operating (every dash camera I have come across in the 11 years I’ve been running them). Even if they have a battery (vs a capacitor) that is just for a ‘graceful shutdown’ when power is cut.

I am unfamiliar with the one you got from USCCA though


I reached out to our fulfillment team about this, Rudy.

The camera is designed to be connected to a power source and the alternate battery is designed for only short-term temporary power source and will shut down if it is not reconnected to a power supply within a short period of time.


Are these controlled by an app? Do they have a screen to program on it’s own?


Thanks for the info

that’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure cause. This was my first dash cam but thank you for getting back to me…


Not that I’m aware of …when I got it in the Box. IT didn’t have anything about downloading an app for it…

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My dash cam will not connect to my PC

How are you trying to connect it? I don’t connect any of my dash cameras to my PC, I take out the micro SD card and put it into my chromebook/PC either directly or with a micro SD to USB-C adapter

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Hello and welcome @Gerard_jr

Thanks for the tip but I already figured it out. You have to have your own power source and yes you do take out your card and put it on your card reader and put it into your PC. But thanks for the tip…

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How do we reach them

How do we get in touch with them

Hello and welcome @Xavier6

Call the number on the back of your membership card to reach Delta Defense as the service provider to the USCCA.

But as noted in the other thread, one thing to keep in mind is that dash cameras don’t really ‘charge’, they need to be plugged in continuously to function. The battery is really just there so that it can shut down without losing the video file to corruption when power is disconnected