Dash Cam - Instruction Manual Available?

I am a tech type person. I appreciate the USCCA Dash Cam, but is there an online PDF, guide, or additional instructions outside of the foldable insert that comes with it?
The menus are easy to navigate, but I hoped for more details on each of the settings in the menus. Examples:

  • cyclic and interval record times/setting
  • parking guard specs
  • motion detection specs
  • and many other small things

Having some of the information would help the “let me try this” approach of trial and error so I was hoping to get the links/downloads from the manufacturer possibly to read on my own. Even a QR code insert with a link to the manual would be great in the boxes.



Welcome to the community. If three hail, Mary’s and an our father doesn’t work, I’m just as lost as you. Hope you get it.

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@Troy79 Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you. :slightly_smiling_face:
You will have to ask one of the moderators for an answer to that question.
Contact @Tim_D_USCCA he is out “moderator extraordinaire” and he will get you an answer. :+1:


Welcome Troy79 to the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Uscca,

May you have all the luck you need finding answers to your Tech issues.
If it involves more than “Safety ON/FIRE” it’s over my head.

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I never knew they had dash cams.



USCCA has everything… :wink:

Looks you don’t have trust in USCCA’s endless possibilities. :sweat_smile:

I thought it would be on the same page as the stainless steel bullet ice cubes :grinning:


Dash cameras were a limited time promotional offer for new member signups on certain days.

Personally I’m a huge fan, I have been running at least one dash cam full time since about 2012. I have had the best luck with Viofo and Street Guardian. Hit up Amazon, there are tons of options.

IMO, pretty much everyone should have at least one dash camera.


Welcome Troy79.

Any chance you can copy/paste online link to it, how we can buy one? Didn’t know they sold one and can’t find it on their web. Gratitude.

USCCA doesn’t sell a dash camera, you can’t buy it.

Suggest Amazon, they are everywhere, and tons of them with tons of reviews. Viofo and Street Guardian are great places to start. Do not buy thinkware


Most Dash Cams are pretty generic. Just play around with it.

Here’s one of my latest incidents with my dash cam.

Any dash cam that’s over $50 will do. I wouldn’t spend more than $150 on one because there’s hardly a difference in quality and just incase it’s stolen you’re not out $350, have to gather another $350 to replace it.

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Okay so I’m issued my dash cam It doesn’t go into USB mode and it doesn’t charge at all

Dash cameras don’t truly charge.

Every dash cam I have ever come across only works when connected to a power source

You need to set it up so that it is perpetually plugged in

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Welcome Troy79

I just take the SD card out and transfer my stuff from there.

You might have to get an adapter.


“What’s a dash cam?”


Thanks - I still do have that insert. I was hoping for more in-depth tech details. Your assistance is still appreciated.

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Thanks Bruce - I will consider that soon. Most of the deeper tech stuff I mostly figured out with TRIAL and ERROR testing! Cajun ingenuity aka “Cajunuity” and such. I work with tech and cameras so I am a “pixel” detail kinda guy :slight_smile:

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