Uscca expo 2023

Thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it to Wisconsin this year to go to the USCCA expo, been anticipating it all year like I did last year.

Saturday my car was experiencing rough shifting, and I knew I had until Thursday to figure out what was wrong and to get it fixed.

Took it to the shop, told them the problem. They said it may be a transmission issue and they don’t work on transmissions, but asked me if I wanted to do a diagnostic. I told them to do the diagnostic I’ll pay the $150 fee for it.

Turned out it was my solenoids that were bad, they replaced them, gave me an oil change, and I got the car back yesterday.

Drove it to Wisconsin not a problem since!

So here it is, CHEERS TO USCCA!


Have a great time brother @Forensic_Wow. One of these years I will attend. God bless you and I pray traveling mercies upon you.


I just had a blast, I don’t think Tim Schmidt will be speaking on stage today this year.