Dad Saves Son from being Kidnapped in CVS


This is the reason for EDC, fixed blade gab my child and you will need medical attention!


I mean…talk about a situation where the “would you act” question doesn’t even need to be asked.

Ask a parent what they would do in that situation and be prepared for them to just stare at you like…what do you mean what would I do?..or get very colorful in their use of language in a very serious manner that probably scares you a little bit.

Trying to grab someone’s kid in front of them is a very dangerous proposition


I’d like to say my reaction would’ve been at least the same as that dads!

I was never tested, thankfully.

But when my kids were that young I was still in decent shape and my fighting skills were definitely more honed than now…. So I’m fairly certain my reaction would’ve been significantly more violent and less relenting.

That dad backed off and let the prick walk away once mom had the kid out of there…. I’d have likely chased his ass down like a dog and tore his limbs off.


The problem with chasing them down, among other things, is that you dramatically increase the chances you never see your kid again the rest of your (two minutes left maybe) life.

Ending up in prison, the ICU, or the morgue because you were emotionally trying to exact punishment after your kid was safe isn’t in the kid’s best interest, IMO. Tough to keep that in check maybe, but, need to


Totally agree, and I’m not entirely stupid, even in a fight.

If I managed him as easily as that dad handled the perp, then I would’ve already known I have him outmatched.

Not gonna give him a chance to retreat to a weapon, or simply vanish into the crowd to try and abduct another child.


Wow, very bold. Amazing, middle of the day and right in front of the parents. Kudos to Dad for being there and protecting his own.

Like Michieul said, “This is the reason for EDC!!” Heck, yeah it is. Its the reason we all carry, to protect ourselves and our family!!


pretty freaking bold snatching a child like that. good thing the father was there don’t know if the wife could have handled it alone. whack jobs are everywhere nowadays.


Question, I have here if I was in this situation and used my edc being knife or firearm. Would USCCA cover it


From the policy members are additional insureds on

A. “Act of self-defense” means the act of defending one’s person or others against an unlawful,
unprovoked, and imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm by an aggressor, but only if:

  1. any force used is both reasonable under the circumstances and proportionate to the threat;
  2. the act is permitted by applicable law.

No offense @Nathan57 but that’s a non answer.

In my opinion, yes they would, as the weapon was used in defense of others (the child)

But my judgment of the whole scenario is biased by my personal morality, not the confines of law.

So I offer up another non answer.


No offense taken.

There cannot be a definitive answer based on a hypothetical, there are just too many variables. The only way you get a definitive answer to a hypothetical is if it’s “no” because of an exclusion or some such.

Probably anybody, USCCA membership benefits or anyone else, is going to say maybe, or it depends, or yes if* with some stipulations.


It was just thought, to ask mostly. I carry and train, to be prepared and not caught off guard. I would have to take my chances with it. I know firearm wouldn’t be choice with threat holding my child, so it would have to be knife for safety of child.
That leads to the question who all trains on draw and aim, close contact threat knife draw


There’s a few threads on that here.

I have past experience in bladed hand to hand, so I’m perfectly comfortable with knives out fighting.


Yep, That’s what I’m talking about! Too Bad the Scum Bag got away from the scene.

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and the way law enforcement is today, if you had chased him and harmed him in any way you would have been the one sitting behind bars…
it’s a shame however in today’s liberal, progressive society we are not allowed to protect ourselves and our children. the dems say “call 911”…yeah that’s great…average response time nationally is 10 minutes or more. In that time the perp can be in another town…


Yeah and when you live in the woods like myself it’s more along the lines of 20-30 minutes for any emergency service.