Dad rescues kids from carjacking

Here’s the happy ending news story of the day.


Now that’s a rescuer! Good on Dad, and good for that family. I’m sure a valuable lesson was learned as well. Never leave your vehicle running when you’re not in it. Shut it off, even for the moment.


Kudos to the dad who had to take the law into his own hands!

There are no case’s from here on that will ever be solved! They are always going to get away with it! Less cops on the street, the longer the response time, the more emboldened they become!

From the Supreme Court leak, to the Idaho 4 to the creep that car jacked 4 children! 2023 will be the year of a 1000 unsolved crimes.
That is our future. I don’t think I’m going to waste my time dialing 911, what’s the point!
Soon there will be no one left to answer the call!
Heck, I feel safer already now that the Air Marshals are cleaning up at the border and not on planes! Glad I don’t fly! We thought 9/11 was bad…don’t be surprised by the new sport of hijacking’s !
Time to change to condition orange, everything is imminent!

Wow… Faced with a situation like this, caught unaware, the person will panic, freeze, or fight. Complex situation too, and the Dad oriented himself fast. I wonder what his background is, if he received any training.