Customer service

Just had a pleasant surprise. I emailed Tipton about one of their gun vices because I broke a part and wanted to buy a replacement. They asked for a picture. Then today FedEx showed up with the part no charge.


I had the same experience with a broken decapping pin with my Hornady dies.


I love great customer service. I recently had a recall announced on an aftermarket trigger I have. There is supposed to be a 5-6 week turnaround time on receiving my improved trigger once they received mine. However, since I have been communicating with them and letting them know that it was the trigger for my EDC, they bumped me to priority. I received my trigger back within 1 week of putting it in the mail to ship it to them.

I let them know that it’s things like this that will have me as a customer for life.


Thanks to this thread I have been reminded of the one good customer service experience I’ve had since things changed. I broke my Fiskars splitting maul after 3 years and 15 or so cord of firewood. Just for giggles I looked up their warranty. Lifetime. Took a picture of the broken head and forwarded it to them. They responded that since they would be out of stock for months, would I accept a check for MSRP? I did, bought a different maul, and miss that big Fiskars. Still have my Fiskars splitting axe, and love that tool.


My wife kept bugging me about a Christmas present one year so I told her to get me a Gerber splitting axe both her and I figured I would use it once or twice and stick it in a corner boy I was wrong I love it and the old Axe is in the corner