Cuban officials Tour Miami Airport TSA

I wonder if Israel invites Syrians or Iranians to tour security facilities in their airports.


Seems like, according to Resident Joke BiteMe and Mayorkas that it’s OK :ok_hand: :+1: no worries that our friendly Cuban neighbors can check out our airports. :wink: “OH SURE” :fu: check this out! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :laughing: Nothing here to see, go back, and come back when you people are no longer communists, and want to really be truly US friends/Allies.


" Biden Administration Allows State Sponsor of Terrorism Cuba to Tour Miami Airport TSA"

Well, why wouldn’t he? Why would that episode be any more damaging to the country than the rest of his reign?


True, very True Brother
(Happy Anniversary my friend!)

I am getting tired of this Criminal Regime letting ALL the worlds Enemies onto our shores, Installations, Crossing our Border like it’s Open House everyday. Calling for Sympathy for A President of a Terrorist Country Hell bent on destroying Israel yet letting Jewish Students stay home from college out of Fear, Letting Black Lives Matter Home grown terrorists over run a city.

The list is too long to go into but how does ANYBODY still vote for these Terrorists ?

If you Vote Blue this time you should also sign a waiver that you are too stupid to complain about what the next four years will be like if they retain power.

Fly that Somali flag Minnesotans! snif, I am so proud! How’s blasting that Muezzin working for you?
Cool huh?