CRPA - It Is Working For You?

Many California gun owners pay dues to the California Rifle and Pistol Association, but are they getting their money’s worth? CRPA has not beat one anti-gun law, to date. Each year, dozens of new anti-gun laws pad the books, while CRPA returns home, a butt hurt loser. They play the game, but won’t fight the fight. Granted, some members are totally dedicated to the organization, but what are they getting in return? More restrictions on their guns and ammo. When are gun owners going to hold these 2A organizations accountable for their claims?

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Does losing the fight mean they did not participate? When the deck is stacked against you, you are not likely going to win. States with a majority of anti-rights politicians and constituents are not likely to abide by their oaths of office nor respect the rights of the citizens nor have any concern for those lobbying for their rights. I, fortunately, live in a state where the pro-rights group has been able to be effective even when the anti-rights politicians have held power. It has not won every fight, but our rights have expanded since the organization was formed in the early 1990s.

It takes more than a lobbying group to change laws in favor of the rights of the people. It takes action by the people. That is why the VCDL has been successful. It is an all volunteer, grassroots organization that mobilizes the people to contact their representatives. When enough people make noise, the politicians listen.


“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”


I’m referring specifically to California. You are right. The people here seem to sit on their comfortable recliners and complain, but won’t get out of their own way. While you have better results in your state, remember, what happens here, seems to creep over state lines. NRA hasn’t done much for us either. The fight isn’t over, but we do need better soldiers.


That will take some deep thought, if I understand your statement correctly.

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