Criminal... and I'm not talking about the J6'ers

May karma smite these reptiles.


Does anyone really believe that we can peacefully take back our America from this present corrupt administration! Does anyone think that this corrupt administration will give up their power peacefully!! Does anyone have any idea what this corrupt administration is capable of doing to stay in power!!! God bless and protect President Trump!!!


Leading up to and after November, everyone will see what they are capable of, and the lengths they will go to.


Food for thought.



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Jacob Lang … just an ordinary tourist visiting the capitol (with a gas mask, baseball bat and riot shield, which is how lots of people visit public buildings)

Easy to take a frame grab and make it look bad.
I would encourage anyone who thinks Jacob Lang is the bad guy here to watch “The truth about January 6th” FREE documentary, Narrated by Jacob Lang himself here:


if you know your gov’t is a dirty take-over machine…then yes, you come prepared for conflict. I support him and all who dared to protest. I do NOT support the shooting of an unarmed protester, the only victim by the regime in power


Just a couple things that I’ve been wondering about, I haven’t heard anything on the news.
Was the Capital building ever rebuilt after the rioters burned it down on Jan. 6th? And how long of a sentence did Ashli Babbit’s murderer get. The main stream media doesn’t seem to be covering this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I beg to differ on that point! This regime has an extreme amount of blood on its hands. Let’s start from the beginning of his reign…
Right then he should have been 25th out!
When he disgraced the thirteen he killed!

The most shameful moment in U.S. history!
Everything he’s done is UNFORGIVABLE

Not to mention how much fentynal he’s been dealing and the thousands of deaths on American streets.
Just because he’s not on the street corner doesn’t make him innocent.
How many king pins do you know hang on the corner.
They are usually hidden away.

When the time comes that he stops honoring himself, ALL his misdeeds I will remember, his name however, SHALL NOT EVER be spoken in my home!

PS. We are all victims!


He didn’t come with the shield, that’s a police shield.

BLM and Antifa always bring weapons, shields and gas masks, but they are immune from prosecution. The shield is not his, look at the logo on it. Obviously dropped by a cop (only used that word for the rhyme, as I otherwise always use LEO, police officer, or officer).

Stories have come out that there were numerous officers from the FBI, Capitol Police, and DC police infiltrating the crowds and actively participating, agitating, and inciting riot. There likely were Antifa there doing the same, and/or other Leftists groups to make it look bad. When you see video inside the Capitol building, the vast majority were just milling around or being escorted around by the police there. Many were also let in by the police. The video is there if you care to learn the truth. That is the reason the “shaman” was finally released. Video evidence showed he was being escorted around by the police, not a “trespasser”.


Not just stories… facts.


Yes, I meant news articles with related evidence, such as court documents, officer/agent testimony, video, etc.


He’s a thug. He should rot in jail.

If any of the things you claim are true (and I doubt it), then his lawyer should have no trouble proving it in court. Of course, if your claims are not true, then too bad for Mr. Lang.

The election has to be so one sided that they cannot cheat again. Encourage everyone with a sane mind to vote on 11/5!! That is the way to peacefully win this thing.


History has shown, once despots gain the reins of power they will stop at nothing to retain it.


I am not here to pass judgment on him, and I would be careful about calling people thugs that you do not know. The media likes to distort things to suit their narrative, just like the “shaman” was crucified in the media. Maybe he was just trying to return the shield, and give the police the bat he took from someone that was illegally using it. Recall the man that shot and killed a mass shooter, but was holding the shooter’s rifle when an officer saw him holding it and immediately shot and killed him?

There were bad actors there that day, but most people did not do anything wrong, even the ones in the Capitol. Many there were escorted in by the police and only wandered around, not damaging anything, and even stopping others from doing so.

It is known that numerous law enforcement officers from at least the FBI, Capitol police and DC police were undercover in the crowds. It is also known that many of them participated in the rioting, and that at least several agitated and incited the crowds. It is known that crowds can be manipulated to do things that individually a person would not do.


Wasting your breath dude…


Really? Do you really believe that given the picture of him in a gas mask, holding the shield in front of him and the bat? He’s lucky to be alive. I’d have shot him if he approached me as depicted in the picture.

Tell it to the judge, and when the judge stops laughing, maybe he’ll get a reduced sentence because the story he spun (“I was just trying to return the shield and give the bat to the police”) was so entertaining.

He belongs in jail in my opinion.