Sad when you believe illegals over our own "leaders"


My leader is my wife. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or false it’s true.


He’s an alien from Lebanon…Wonder if he said Take me to your dealer…I mean leader…lol.


“While being checked by medical staff on March 11, Ebbadi was asked what he was doing in the U.S.

“I’m going to try to make a bomb,” he said,”


“Ebbadi later said in an interview that he had been trying to leave Lebanon and Hezbollah because he “didn’t want to kill people,””

Ok, you want to build bombs but you don’t want to kill people? :roll_eyes:


He was probably corrected by his handlers…


You sure he didn’t say build bongs…lol.


So… Is this a new Harvard professor or is he going to be a host on MSNBC?
Land of Opportunity!


Of course… why else would one build bombs? Oh, I know, to make amazing underwater explosions, bigger than M-80s. :rofl: Uh, I have no personal knowledge of that… :upside_down_face:


Mentos and a Coca-Cola 2 Litre. :wink:


This will help him get his task done.

These questioned were raised on another board:

Well that’s strange, because ATF form 4473 explicitly covers this in a variety of ways.

Specifically section 21(d) Are you a fugitive from justice? Doesn’t the very definition of ILLEGAL ALIEN make you fugitive from Justice?

“Item 13. This item applies only to aliens. Enter your U.S.-Issued alien or admission number;”

Last I checked being ILLEGAL meant you didn’t have an alien or admission number

“Item 18a, Identification. Enter the buyers’ type of identification and its issuing agency, number and expiration date in applicable boxes;”

Exactly what ID is an illlegal showing?

“Item 18b, Supplemental Government Issued Documentation. This item applies if the identification document provided by the buyer does not contain a current residence address. Enter the name of the provided supplemental document;”

Whose providing the SGID considering illegals do not have an address

“Item 18c, Exception to the Nonimmigrant Alien Prohibition. This item applies, if item 12.d.2 was answered positively. Provide the name of the documentation proving the exception from the prohibition and attach a copy to ATF Form 4473;”

Whose providing the exception?


Yet another "Obama " judge that needs to be removed from their seat. This enraged me early this morning.
Nice wake up call.

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This may mean ATF is unconstitutional. Would you accept reality in which ATF is abolished but illegals run armed?


Only after our rights are no longer being trampled to death and the border crisis is resolved, preventing entry to 10s of millions of illegals. So, not likely in my lifetime. Per the story, the illegal aliens already are armed, just like our other, home-grown, criminals. The only difference there is the judge just made it “legal” for the illegal aliens to carry, but our home-grown criminals and the law-abiding citizens are still not allowed in a number of states, and in many areas, aka GFZs.


I would gladly accept a reality where the ATF was abolished! But like @Dave17 said, “not likely in my lifetime”

As to illegals running armed, we already live in that reality.

The ruling, while a total dumpster fire, is actually a good thing for us 2A supporters as FINALLY a judge reads

“shall not be infringed”

For what it means!

Now we need to get that message to the rest of the swamp BEFORE we go and start muddying the waters again with laws!