Criminal... and I'm not talking about the J6'ers

Of course not. You could not tell that was facetious?

And be prosecuted for murder, though the officer that shot Ashli Babbitt got away with murder, so you might to. Try it and let us know how that worked out for you.

You are entitled to your opinion, no one needs to agree with you though, just as you don’t with most others here.

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Yes, everything he has done or allowed to be done is UNFORGIVABLE.
The entire Resident José Bidet Regime belongs in jail or convicted of high treason by courts martial and given lineup on a cement wall.
Did the FBI ever release the over 200 names of their undercover J6 agents?


Hah! Good one.


Agent Smith #’s 1 - 50
Special Agent Johnson #’s 51 - 100


Yes. It has to be won at the ballot box with ID’s and in-person voting. Everyone needs to push for that and support it.


How about the FBI agents involved in the Whitmer fake “kidnapping plot”. How could it be any more contrived than that?? There were more FBI people involved than regular citizens. Who are the criminals?


Weeelllllllll that seems self evident…we know the thing!
Hopefully soon we won’t let them forget!
On this course of human events, it has become necessary for one people…

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