Crimes of opportunity, the forgotten reason for the second amendment

We all know about crimes of opportunity, and much of self defense and personal security is about removing that opportunity. A very powerful value of the second amendment is that very affect of removal of easy opportunity for those considering things like rogue or abusive government, mob rule, hostile take over of our country, and so on. Even in your local store, provided you do not live in a gun free city or “zone”, any criminal must consider that there may be one or more citizens capable of stopping them, and that their life too, may be put on the line by their decision. I am, however, not a constitutional scholar, nor an expert on the minds of the founding fathers, but I wonder if others see the same, “unsung” benefits of our right to bear arms that I do, or put the same level of importance on them. I would be most interested to hear other opinions.


I will just say what many others before me have said.

“An armed society is a polite society”


The Second Amendment is there in case the First amendment fails. To your point of crimes of opportunity, they are in general committed by people who normally would not consider such an action but due to circumstance and perhaps a wavering moral compass they would engage in said crimes. They are NOT willing to die for the crime they may be about to commit, they are NOT willing to become gravely injured for the same, In most instances the mere threat of a violent encounter (2A & Self defense is what it is) is more shocking to them than it is to us as we have prepared mentally and physically for that slim eventuality. The VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) has bumper stickers that tout 3.2 million crimes stopped by NON use of a firearm. I would not say it’s forgotten just an unstated benefit.




Actually I have found out that 2nd Amendment sucks in IL.
I’m really upset and irritated. (I’m using polite words).

I’ve been driving out from home for over 20 hours per day recently, and asked my Family to watch cameras and run away into the woods in case they see riots in the neighborhood.
To be honest I didn’t want them to stay and defense the house… what would be the excuse in case of gunfight? Disparity of force? How I can feel it would be good excuse if Police did nothing during curfew hours, watching people breaking into the stores and looting? Disparity of force - the same situation. If Police do not defense people’s property, how do I know we can?

Anyway, I hope, once all this BS is over, more people will figure out why we need firearms at home.


I know how hard that can be, it’s terrible to have to leave and feel your family isn’t safe, all you want to do is get back home and not have to leave again. It sickens me that someone has to feel that way, and feel afraid to do anything about it. A thing like that is part of why I joined here, for the access to knowledge about questions like yours. I wonder if there is any advice to be found here about that? I don’t think the inaction of the police automatically means you have to act in kind, especially if family is threatened. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will take that up.


Yeah, even armed I use every possible defensive actions first. Unfortunately for IL citizens, it’s the best option to avoid stupid prosecution.
With current riots - the worst is aftermath not a gunfight. I know what would happen in case of gunfight in my location. Even after self defense actions your life become nightmare…(you kill peaceful protester who just want to take your TV?)…

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I think it’s like that everywhere to some degree or other, It’s a big part of the reason i came to USCCA, so I wouldn’t be alone if I ever end up in that situation. But i sure know the feelings your talking about. One of the first things i was taught, and believe, is that even if being prosecuted is not an issue, it can, and likely will, still be a nightmare. Avail your self of the training here and the other people, there is a lot of intimidation out there designed to do exactly what is happening to you. I think that’s why they started the USCCA, so folks like us would not be flailing around out there afraid to defend ourselves or our loved ones. It’s not supposed to be that way, and i think it’s why our founders tried to protect us from that by putting that right in the constitution. I’m here to learn too so i don’t have the answers i wish i did, yet, but i think here is a great place to start.


If a group chooses to commit violence to destroy my home and steal my possessions while I am there, I am certain that such violence also applies to my family and myself. At that point, I would defend. There is no other question in it for me. The perpetrators will not feel safe when they see me. I suspect they’ll move on.


Last weekend there was over an hour wait just to get inside one of the local gun shops that I like to visit down in the ‘burbs’
I expect/hope that some of the people that were either on the fence or didnt care because it didnt effect them have started to care in the last week or two.


We should care, we should care a lot. I know what it is to be defenseless, and i know that being defenseless is attractive to predators, even the mighty Lion will go for the weak ones first. No amount of rhetoric thrown out there for the foolish to believe will ever change that. In America we have the right not to be defenseless, and God help us, we should make sure we keep that right. And rebuff all those who try to vilify us for it, or try to intimidate us into being afraid to exercise it if needed.