Why Are You Pro-Gun?

simple question: why are you, personally, pro-gun? the anti-gunners are not sociopaths with no morals, as much as i disagree with them. they want safety and to feel safe just like we do. but why are you pro-gun and not anti? why do you personally believe they’re wrong and that we are, in fact, safer if we each learn and respect a gun as a safety tool?

i’m pro-gun because i understand guns are used far more often to save peoples’ lives than to take innocent ones. mass shootings are horrendous, drive-by shootings are horrendous, but the answer to them is not to take one’s autonomy and freedom away from them; their right to protect themselves in the most equal way possible. if guns were banned, people would still get them, that’s an obvious one. but let’s say, hypothetically, they disappeared completely. there’s now rape victims who are most certainly victims with no way of protecting themselves. there’s now children, men, women, kidnapped with no way of protecting themselves. there’s now people stabbed, beaten, robbed with no decent way of protecting themselves. yes, guns can be used by bad people to kill, but the good they provide people far outweighs their negatives.

what do you think? why are you pro-gun and not anti?

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I’m more pro self reliance than anything else.

Show me one thing the government on any level does proficiently.

First responders are just that responders not preventers.


I’ll disagree. While most people who are “anti gun” are simply misinformed decent people or people who for very personal reasons became anti gun due to some event in their lives but the leaders of the anti gun movement who use them to further their ends I absolutely believe to have for the most part evil intent.

The difference is seen when you notice whether or not they are predicating their arguments on lies, disinformation, and a complete rewriting of history and facts.

The average reasonable person who is anti gun is open to facts and a better understanding of history where they others are not.

Why am I pro gun? Guns have been very important to my family since the anglo side first came to North America, and the other side of my family learned the hard way how tragic things can be when you are disarmed or armed with inferior weapons only.

I was raised to believe the 2nd Amendment means exactly what it says, that it is our God given right to “keep and bear arms”.

More importantly I was fortunate enough to see much of the worst hell holes on the planet while serving in the US Military and got to see first hand and up close what happens to those who are unarmed or disarmed when facing purely evil people who are armed.

I spent much of the last 30 years then researching the founders, the true meaning of Natural Rights, and how the Right To Keep and Bear is essential to maintaining the most natural of all rights which is The Right to Self Defense and Defense of Others.


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For me it’s simple - if anyone who wants to harm me is using firearm I’ve got a right to defense myself with firearm.

In 1939 my Grandfather wasn’t prepared to defense his home
I am now…


My safety and that of my family is my responsibility. I take that responsibility seriously.


“In every emergency the people present are the first responders, YOU are your own First Responder, be prepared to act wisely, swiftly, and appropriately and you can save your own life and those of others”- Me.

Someone else said it much more simply and to the point.

“Be Prepared”- Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts.


I am pro gun for many of the same reasons I am pro “skills”. I dislike calling for help on any matter which I can/should be able to handle on my own. To that end, over the years I have acquired skills in various areas of modern, and sometimes not so modern, life.

I ‘enjoyed’ guns from a very early age, beginning with my first bb gun, but I became ‘pro gun’ as an adult and began to take serious notice of the world around me. That is when I decided to not be a victim, or at least to not be a helpless victim.

While I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for first responders, be they law, fire, or medical, if you drill down to the beating heart of any threatening situation the true ‘first response’ comes from the people right there in the thick of it.

In some situations the best first act is to holler for help, which is exactly what we did when our home burned. But in the intervening minutes, before that help arrived, we took steps to do what we could to help ourselves.

There are times when stepping back to call for help isn’t an option, or `even possible. These situations, the kind that cause us to arm and train ourselves, are so sudden and so fast and carry such devastating consequences that calling for help and trusting to luck, in our minds, just isn’t an option. It is only in the aftermath, after we have been our own first responder, that we call for help, became that is the best second response.

Specialization is for insects. A person should learn everything they can and master what they need.


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This is a good one! I had to sit and think on it for a while, maybe reflect is a better word.

I grew up in the gun culture, and self reliance was a huge part of that in these remote parts. Later, I lived in bad places, visited bad places, and have the scars to show. Those experiences taught me the value of being able to defend yourself, particularly against multiple attackers.

As I reflect on this, I think I am more Pro Self Defense, and with guns being the great equalizer, translates into Pro Gun. May have to ponder this a bit more.


cool. i like making people think a little, it helps them either change or further solidify their viewpoint. also their (yours includer) answers help me either change or solidify mine.


I wonder on this often myself. I wonder, am I pro-gun, or am I pro 2A? Is there a difference? Some have told me that Pro-gun would be, I am in support of only people I want having guns. While Pro-2A means that I believe it is a right we all have, as Americans, to keep and bear arms.

I wonder if I am pro-gun/pro-2A because my mother was so vehemently against guns. My father was abusive, he would terrorize us with his guns, and he shot me once, to hurt my mother, and get rid of me. So I wonder, why am I not opposed to guns? That is one of my only memories of my biological father, his gun, and being shot.

I think, maybe, I don’t like being afraid of things. If something scares me, I try to face it, confront it. Maybe it’s that it was taboo, and the rebellion drive me to go out shooting with my friend and his family, who taught me gun safety, handling, and shooting. Maybe it’s my love of history, and military history in particular.

In truth I don’t know why, but I am. Whether it’s pro-gun or pro-2A, I believe It’s important, fundamental, and it’s something I’ve tried to teach respect, reverence, and due diligence to with my Son since he was old enough to understand it. Funny enough, it was this California girl, who has taught her husband from Texas, about guns and gotten him into shooting.

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Lots of resaons I m pro gun but a few of the fundamental or foundational reasons are : I believe in the constitution and the 2nd amendment, as it was written and intended before future generations wanted to dissect its meaning , because that was expedient to getting the power they want.

2)“War was not the Twentieth Century’s biggest killer Tyranny was. The contest wasn’t even close. Hard to believe look at the numbers.” from Resistance to Tyranny by prof. Joseph P. Martino

Every disarmed society or group succumbed to being enslaved one way or another (but in the end the people lost it all you can assess by country or political system, by civil or international war etc. a disarmed populs is a doomed populus ( The fact that we have a 2nd amendment and the majority of our founding fathers were preachers or biblically based (Original intent by David Barton of wallbuilders) should tell us a lot.

3)Technically every member of the country should be the “ARMY”" The MILITIA" the army as we know it was originally a supplement. Congress never intended it to be the be all of everything. "In 1789, Congress created the Department of War to administer the military forces. The Army, now under the direction of the newly created cabinet, remained at a strength of 60,000 or less from the end of the Revolution through the beginning of the civil war.

Although Congress intended that the Regular Army serve only as a supplement to local militias, the “regulars” ultimately played the crucial role in both the war f 1812 and the Mexican war (1846-1848)

From IET Soldiers Handbook TRADOC Pamphlet 600-4 1,April 2001 (Headquarters, Department of the Army) Obviously I note the intent. additionally I live in a state where the original militia from 1776 era still exist under the command and control of the Governor (all volunteer) and the state still has all other branches of military including the national guard

  1. There is the aspect of protecting oneself and family in the current period, and the fact that if you cannot, you will most likely be mess or corpse the first responders find. Or Your loved ones will be the victims and you will have forsaken a duty no one can take from you about protecting your family. If you are a bible believing folk then 1 Tim 5:8 But if any provide not for his own and specially for those of his own house he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel (KJV) provide in the Greek is (G4306) “to consider in advance that is look out for beforehand”

Guns also are good for hunting, personal goal setting (target practice), and much more.

And yes guns save more people than are killed by hundreds of thousands per year a survey conducted in November and December 2002 indicates that approximately 2.3 million defensive gun uses occurred over the previous year (page21 bottom and 22 top) or to put it differently fewer that one out of 1000 gun uses result in the attackers death (page 24 middle) The bias against Guns by John R. Lott Jr. (sub titled why almost everything you’ve heard about Gun control is wrong)

to state just a few of the reasons.:+1::smiley:


awesome. never knew the stats about protective gun use, that was good to hear :slight_smile:

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I’ll just point out that your 2nd Amendment Rights like all your other constitutional rights including the right to life can be forfeit by your own actions through due process.

Self defense and the means to do so are very precious but you can exclude yourself from “The People” as defined by the founders if you are a felon or mentally defective/incompetent.


Well said Richard and if I may say so the best contribution you’ve made here to date.

Even the 2016-17 Harvard Study showed if I remember right 2.5-3 Million lawful DGU’s annually more than a 10:1 ratio over “gun crimes”.

When suicide stat’s are rolled into the “gun deaths” total it is a red herring. Suicides will occur no matter what tool is available and Japan with perhaps the strongest gun restrictions in the free world has 7x our suicide rate.


The simplest and is that you and I cannot rely on the government for our protection. As we all know, when seconds count, police are only minutes away. Having been police, I agree with that completely as do almost every officer I’ve discussed this with.