Crime Spree in NYC

NYC manhunt: Police search for suspects who attacked at least 4 people in 12-minute crime spree | Fox News

I’m sharing this apparently random story because it includes a quote from the president of the New York City Transit Authority, who wants an increased police presence on New York’s trains. Referencing a recent spree of slasher attacks, she said: "All seemingly could have been prevented by a uniformed presence on each of these platforms. "

I know NYC is all about tight budgets and defunding police, so let me offer an alternative.
“All seemingly could have been prevented by armed citizens practicing their 2nd Amendment rights on each of these platforms.”

Problem solved, NYC. You’re welcome.


I think Bernie Goetz was the last NYer who was willing to oppose thugs on a subway with a firearm. A jury of his NYC peers found him liable for damages to his attackers.


I don’t think there is any winning scenario for the honest folk in NYC.


How can anyone so obviously crazy get anywhere close to a council seat.


The only way these violent offenders can be rehabilitated is to seek the lord. Any program like the one Caban is trying to set up wouldn’t work especially in NYC. People who are victims of criminal acts are not to forgiving. They may look at this as an opportunity to get even.


I think the first word in that link you posted says it all, “Socialist…”

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As a Chaplain I spent many years talking with the psychiatrists at Atascadero state hospital and a few that worked at Camarillo before that. I was told by more than one of them that mentally Ill or not many of the inmates there know more about psychiatry than the professors in medical school. They know just what to say and how to say it to absolve themselves for any responsibility or how to blame their condition for any action they take.

With that knowledge in mind remember the offenders on the street may be every bit as developmentally disabled as the inmates in the state hospitals but they haven’t reached the stage where they are committed. Giving them an extra tool to use in their legal defense would simply turn them into super predators and render the public into lambs ready for the slaughter. For the sociopath living among us this would be a license to do whatever they wanted and the victims would have no recourse.

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Sure there is…move to Wisconsin!!!

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