Country Music Television urges viewers to ‘wear orange’ for gun control campaign, upsetting core audience


“Orange” you glad it’s easy to turn CMT off?


Biting the hand that feeds you? Not gonna end up well :man_facepalming:t4:

I guess I’ll let this month to pass before I can wear my orange Harley colors. Same for those who wear Broncos, Syracuse, Bengals colors


Never learned their lesson from the Dixie Chicks.


Yep still don’t listen to them if they (the “chicks”) come on I turn the station. Isn’t America great!! I don’t like what I hear I don’t have to listen. I don’t like what I’m reading I can read something else. If I don’t like the person I can walk away. I love my Country. Some people don’t understand just how good we have it here. A lot of countries you don’t get to choose.


I tried watching the last CMT awards and after 20 minutes decided there is no Country music left in this country. This does not surprise me…

Today’s county is pop with a banjo or fiddle thrown in to meet genre’s marketing requirements- :laughing:
No heart, no stories, no personality


No boots, no hats…. All fakes…

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I don’t watch ANY awards shows. The last thing I want to see is a bunch overpaid, aren’t-I-wonderful, pinheads telling each other how wonderful they are and how (political statement here). They make reruns of “Gilligan’s Island” look like high entertainment. Yep, I’m old…


Did any of you notice one of the groups supporting this anti gun violence thing was Planned Parenthood? Now that s@#! is ironic.

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Tone deaf.

I was reluctant to wear my red hat for a few years because of all the crazy Trump haters. My university colors is red. I’m still hesitating to wear it. So I wear my Atmy hat. Some people look at me as if it were the same.

CMT has gone off the edge. I like real (old) country and western anyhow.