Tv show talking about shootings.

Watching a talk show that’s on TV at 1pm daily.
Four women on this show.
They started the show talking about the amount of shootings that are happening across the country.
They all say how afraid they are going to the stores or movie theaters. (Won’t go to theaters because of fear).
They all believe there’s no need for guns such as AR-15’s and no need for large capacity magazines.
Also, people who carry firearms have a mental complex.
WOW, being aware and not afraid and being responsible is a mental complex.

Any feedback on this…


Be aware, soon they’ll be taking about no need for a military! Think of all the money we’ll save as a country!
Maybe it’s just our perception of things.
FYI I am speaking in my best presidential manner, I’m yelling at you in my loudest voice. “You don’t need to be protected, I will save you. As long as I don’t have to bring you home!”



Who’s their audience?

It partly explains why America is in the situation where in right now.


The people who are drawing that welfare check monthly to have kid after kid. Plus they live rent free because you can’t evict them. The rest of us are at work to pay for all of this. They better be careful or Planned Parenthood will sue them for loss of revenue.


Stop watching TV.
That’s about all I can say when someone says they saw something on TV.

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Pay no attention to the 4 women on the show, MSM and especially CNN and MSNBC!!! My suggestion is to BE AWARE!!! Situational awareness is key to your own survival.
I carry daily and when people start in on the fear factor, I ignore their retoric and give them the real information that I get from USCCA!!!

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I basically don’t even entertain such shows because they don’t acknowledge the fact that it’s primarily those who don’t follow the law committing 90-95 percent of the gun violence.

Get those 4 women to entertain Cam &Co. Let them here the “Recidivist Reports” he does…showing how the court system allows repeat felony offenders for serious violent crime out on bond of probation, so the can continue their violent ways!!!

Nah…I’ll keep my CCW ways…and be free!