AR Contest: Why Do People Think ARs are More Dangerous than Hunting Rifles?

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Why do people think ARs are more dangerous than hunting rifles?

  • They look scarier
  • They are “assault rifles”
  • They are “automatic rifles”
  • Media bias
  • All of the above
  • Other please share below

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I think it’s a combination of them “looking scarier” to the general public and then media bias. Steven Crowder did an excellent bit on this where the more wood a rifle had the less people attributed to it being an “assault rifle” despite the fact that it might have been a more powerful rifle than the .22LR AR-15 in black setting next to it.


They “look” like what uninformed people see on tv, in movies, and used in the military and the media bias pushes this even further by calling them “assault weapons” (an absolutely absurd and made-up term) and demonizing them the way they do. I love the video @JamesR posted, it’s the perfect demonstration of bias by the uninformed.


The main reason is once the clipmag is empty the machine gun has super sharp edges and if you swing it like a club it can hurt the children.


The way they look. When we watch a movie, or tv show, they look like the weapons on the show. Pair that with Hollywood showing people flying backwards when getting shot, and all of the sudden the uninformed believe that 5.56 is as powerful as a 5 lb cannon. The media gets a close second. When a bus asked reporter tell people “how powerful, and loud, and that he got PTSD” from firing a handful of rounds, it paints a certain picture of this “weapon of war.”(I know it’s not)


It’s a lack of knowledge and a laziness to gain knowledge.

There have been plenty of videos done by talking heads making guns scary and misusing terms or just flat out lying. However instead of people looking for knowledge to form their own opinions they just go with what they see and hear regardless of how misleading or misinformed it is.

Almost everyone I’ve met is more than willing to take time out of their day and answer questions and help someone gain some actual understanding.


Just one of the many videos that show a complete ignorance on the topic.

They also don’t realize that it’s not that gun owners don’t like them because they lack knowledge on firearms. It’s because they want to take away something they don’t understand or “scares” them.

I’ve got family members that would don’t like guns and would never want to even touch one. But they love that I carry and they don’t want to take anyone’s rights away over their own personal beliefs on guns.


I’m totally OK with those who don’t like guns as long as they don’t try to take away our rights. I’d rather everyone learned how to handle a firearm safely, but I understand if they don’t want to.


That was the dumbest video I’ve ever watched. One guy says in one broad statement that no NRA members lock up their guns. Omg what an ignorant statement that was. I have a gun safe, so does my son. My Dad has a safe, my uncles, cousins all had safes for their guns and locked them up, was very responsible with the handling of them. No one should make ignorant comments like that.


But @Cheryl3…it’s common sense!!! lol.


I wish everyone (including pro 2A people) would stop labeling them “Assault Rifles.” It is simply a semi-automatic rifle the same as my Winchester Model 100, or any other. Assault is a verb. Always has been and always will be. You assault someone. You never hear the word attached to any other deadly weapon. This is the reason most people are frightened of the AR platform. Because it has been mis-labelled.


All of the above. The media lies about ARs and fills the airwaves with panicked stories about how easy they are to use.

Several years ago, I was in a gym with CNN on and the whole point of the story was that you could go buy an AR and shoot an airplane window with no prior practice. Isn’t that scary? This should not be allowed!

I didn’t even own a gun yet, and I was offended at their biased reporting. I suppose it is possible that the reporter was a class A super coward, but I think she simply had an agenda.


I coach a 4H rifle team. Kids 10 to 18. We don’t even specify the difference between semiautomatic, bolt, lever, or single action. Just rifles. One is no more deadly than the others.


Fits of all AR doesn’t stand for an assault rifle and can do as much damage as any other firearm. Media will say anything to get a story, politicians will say anything to get another vote.


Along with all of the choices on the poll, I think there is a lack of knowledge on these types of firearms. They’re very quick to want to ban AR-15s and AK-47s, but have nothing to say about semi-automatic .22s, firearms like the mini 14, and etc.


They look scary. They are “assult” weapons. People have bias, usually built on assumptions or false information, conjecture. Its guaranteed ratings for the media to be outraged by an evil black rifle.


I can and do respect opinions different from my own about ‘scary’ guns, or anything else, as long as that opinion is based on relevant facts, but so many people parrot the opinion of others without learning for themselves if the belief is based on credible info or not. There’s absolutely no excuse for that in this age of virtually unlimited, easy access info, except laziness; uninformed opinion has no place in any discussion.


In addition to the choice on the poll, I feel people see them “more dangerous” because of the larger capacity of the magazine than a standard hunting rifle. However primarily because people relate an AR style weapon with warfare and not just another style of firearm.


Worth the read.
The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters


Media bias. All the other choices are based upon lack of knowledge and the… media bias.