Couldn't Have Happened to a Better Guy

Oh the sweet sweet irony…….Illinois State Rep who sided with Gun restrictions gets arrested for allowing FOID card to lapse, not turning in his CCL after the lapse and conceal carrying with an expired CCL…just simply follow the law Mr Representative…bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Curtis J. Tarver II, is an Illinois state representative. His accomplishments include voting to make it tougher to get a Firearm Owner Identification Card, letting his FOID expire, and then getting arrested for failing to surrender his revoked CCL permit.

Tarver was busted in a routine traffic stop Thursday night on Chicago’s south side. One of his headlights was out. When asked by the officer if he had any weapons, he turned over his concealed handgun and his CCL.

A CCL which he’d been notified had been revoked, due to his lapsed FOID. A CCL he been ordered to surrender to the State Police, but hadn’t.

Tarver says the entire kerfuffle was due to a silly clerical error.

From the Chicago Tribune . . .

In his statement, Tarver said he renewed his concealed carry license this summer and when his Firearms Owner Identification card later expired Tarver said he renewed it too. Under Illinois law, a person must have a valid FOID card to have a concealed carry license.

Tarver claims that when he received notification of the revocation, he immediately renewed his FOID (something that’s going to be a lot tougher under the SB1966, a bill he voted for). He says that the revocation of the CCL was merely a “clerical error.”

Not so. He renewed his CCL in August. Then he let his FOID lapse causing the CCL to be revoked. And only then did he renew the FOID.

He apparently neglected to do anything about the revoked CCL. He didn’t appeal the CCL revocation by filing a Request for Administrative Review. So yes, he was carrying a concealed weapon without a license. His thinking seems to be that renewing the FOID card automatically reinstated the CCL.

Like so many politicians, this guy is working on gun control laws that even he doesn’t understand. Or obey.

Tarver has been hit with a misdemeanor failing to surrender a concealed carry license. That’s it. Some people aren’t so lucky. But some people aren’t part of the Illinois Democrat Machine.


And people like him, want the ISP to go door to door confiscating the firearms, of those with revoked FOID cards. Just so everyone is clear, right now, the renewal of a FOID, or CCL is taking upwards of 180, yes you read that right, 180 days in some cases, due to the ISP being overwhelmed with the new “regulations” our state enacts.


Yet somehow, people continue to vote Dimocrat…I’ll never figure that one out.


Some good people suffer from cognitive dissonance. They know Democrats are anti gun yet they vote for Democrats. Therapy is recommended. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Someone should write him and ask him how he supports laws which he himself does not understand or comply with.

You may also want to point out how you now have another convicted criminal as an elected official.



I don’t know much about Illinois law, but needing a FOID and CCL sounds crazy.

The title “Firearms Owner ID” totally creeps me out.


It’s a
1.Defacto registration. Can’t even buy/posses ammo without a FOID
2.Poll Tax. 10 bucks to exercise an inalienable right
3.Money Grab. There are 2.2 million FOID cards, at 10 bucks each for a 10 year term. Averages out to 2.2 million dollars a year into the politicians pockets.

It is currently being challenged as unconstitutional.


Among the many reasons I avoid IL, unless I really can’t, such as a mandatory meeting close to corporate HQ…


Gotta remember, people that may be single-issue voters may not have the 2A as that single issue.