Conservative Student Charged with Terrorism, Held without Bail for Weeks, for Posting Picture of Rifle on Social Media

Can’t emphasize this enough, please be careful of what you post on Social Media. The positive influx of legal CC person(s) on this website not withstanding. One slip and you can find yourself in very legal trouble and i do not believe that the USCCA legal team would be able to assist even if they so desired. Apologizes to the moderators in advance if I posted in the wrong section.


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LSSU is about 60 miles from me. Here’s what the article isn’t telling you:

-The kid is a diabetic and was denied all basic healthcare while in jail. He nearly died.
-it’s an election year.
-there’s been a lot of corruption coming out of that town the last several years and that doesn’t exclude the university.

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thanks Spence. Unfortunately, does not surprise me a bit.

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In HSchool I would leave the deer stand and go directly to school .usely ass principle met me at door asking if I saw any thing that morning. My loaded rifle hanging legal in back window.1975-77

Representative Beau LaFave has officially called on the prosecuting attorney to drop all charges related to this case and clear this young mans name.

Republicans in the House are working on Bills to prevent this from happening again. Legislators are referring to this as a shameful display of political motivation.

The worst part is, even if this kids name is cleared, spending all that time in jail will prevent him from pursuing the career in Law Enforcement he’s been going to that University to persue.

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After this debacle, i’m hoping the young man decides to go for law school and become these people’s worst nightmare.

A buddy of mine who works on the base told me a similar story. Principal/Asst. would have their rifles stored on their racks in their trucks and find out who went out first to see where the deer were tracking… mid 80s time frame. Shame what’s happened to the country.