Another Teen Suspended From School For Gun Picture

That’s another controversy… however I’m against posting such pictures.

Whole story:

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Schools simply CAN’T dictate what kids do outside of school. No threat was made. None. While the pic is kind of stupid…

Sue the School, they over stepped their bounds and we simply can’t let this continue. I don’t care if it’s public or private school. A personal life is a personal life.


I smell law suite…


This one hit’s close to home. It was a very stupid thing to post. However looking from the schools perspective, if students approached staff about being concerned about the picture then they are put in a corner and I would prefer the school error on the side of caution. It wouldn’t have to be verbal or written threat. Maybe these kids showed an unusual interest in mass shootings, we don’t know their personalities. (I know a lot of maybes and what if’s)

I understand in the story there is no mention of a threat, however I tend to be skeptical of news stories being 100% forthcoming.


I’m going to counter this with the school at the very least should have met with her and her mom. They outright suspended her with no explanation at first and then threatened to have her arrested if she went on school grounds during the suspension!

It’s utter and complete BS.


Schools cannot discuss student matters in any public form. FERPA, Federal Education Records Privacy Act prevents them from telling the rest of the story.

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Plenty break FERPA and don’t pay. The issue is they didn’t even tell her mother, or so we are led to believe.

Again, the school has no right or control over what a kid does outside of school. THIS is the real issue.

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Give me some examples that can be verified of schools violating FERPA. Schools aren’t perfect but, like gun owners, they are to often the victim of stereotyping by the uninformed. If you’re on the, " all schools are bad team" you must also agree with the, “all gun owners are white racist” team. Mamma always said, “what’s good for the goose…”

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