Connecticut, supreme court allowing law suit's to Remington

Your thoughts? what can us guns owners do? What are gun owners doing to prevent something like this happening again?

I’m going to sue the Universities that gave the Dr. his degree who almost killed me. Seems the same.

Should be slapped down by Supreme Court. Hard.

See under the topic “Supreme Court says Sandy Hook families can sue Remington”

This was discussed here…

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It seems obvious now that I should be able to sue Any cell phone provider when I get rear ended by a schmuck on the phone, by using the Remington Defense.
The product was obviously marketed and designed for 18 - 24 year olds whose brains are not fully developed.
I should be able to use the Remington defense for manufacturers of hammers, knives, baseballs that have injured kids at baseball fields (maybe ban baseball or hockey), and surely I should be able to sue any alcoholic beverage manufacturer.
Let’s take this further and sue China since all the materials that make up a cell phone are harvested and manufactured by the Chinese.

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What seems obvious to me from this is. That if they can sue Remington for making the gun. Then when I go in to a no guns allowed zone, and they have no security in place to protect me. I should be allowed to sue that company for not keeping me safe.

Seems to be the same legal theory

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Yeah… you can sue everybody for everything… and you can be sued by everybody for everything…
And I’ve got the feeling all these are just for money…