Remington Settles with Sandyhook

I read this article this morning, and Remington settled out of court, but there were some statements that made me cringe.

“Remington employees knew that selling the rifle and others like it meant “individuals unfit to operate these weapons gain access to them” and that the Bushmaster’s firepower “enables an individual in possession of the weapon to inflict unparalleled civilian carnage,” according to the suit”.
—Are they referring to criminals acquiring these weapons? Or are they implying that somehow the employees are clairvoyant and know that a mentally unstable individual will somehow acquire the weapon and use it on innocents?
“Josh Koskoff, one of the plaintiff’s lawyers, told news outlets in a statement that the large settlement accomplishes the goal of helping prevent “the next Sandy Hook”.
—This seems like an erroneous observation, it is not the weapon, or those who sold it that is the killer. It is the human being pulling the trigger. Unless we do more to help these individuals at the base level; and more to prevent criminals from selling and obtaining weapons, these horrendous events will continue.
Complete article: Remington Reaches $73 Million Settlement With Sandy Hook Parents


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This also sets an incredibly dangerous precedent for all gun manufacturers IMO. Now whenever a tragic incident occurs, the manufacturer of the firearm used may be liable for damages as the suit against Remington was successful. I feel like Remington threw the industry and all responsible gun owners under the bus. The costs associated with settlements will be felt in purchase prices best case, and some manufacturers may go under in a worst scenario. Thanks Remington… :angry:

It’s important to remember that the decision to settle doesn’t mean that there is legal precedent. This decision was a settlement with the insurance company. The only way for it to become a legal precedent is for it to be ruled by a judge.

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