Concealment plate carrier options

I recently was asked to join out my church security team and was looking for a good, comfortable, and cool (meaning well breathing/wicking) under clothing plate carrier. AR500 has one I’m very interested in but has at least a 10 week wait. What do you wear/suggest? I’ll be using IIIA soft armor with trauma pads.


Welcome Josh84, I use what is called a tommygunpack which is a off the body carry it very well made and the colors of it matches my going to church clothes, it has several zipper pockets it hold just about anything you may want to carry, for example I carry in the gun pocket a full size 1911,in the pocket in front of it there is four sewed in magazines holders and the other pockets like pens paper, first aid kit ect. I’ve trained with this rig for many years it work for me, it has two buckles the left is use to they it off the right to gain access to your gun. Hope this give you some insight as to what as to what some of use use.


Thanks I’ll check it out. I’m in the process of refining my gear at the moment. I may even have to buy another pistol lol


@Josh84 Do you mean something like this?

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No a plate carrier is body armor holder basically. Only the kind I’m looking for is the kind you were under your shirt. Kinda like what a detective would wear under normal dress clothes.

So no it’s not a holster. I’d be wearing it in conjunction with my daily carry weapon and accessories


@Josh84 I learn something new everyday here. Thank you. Please keep us informed on your progress and final decision.


Will do. I’m going to get level IIIA soft armor. I just need something more concealable


@Zee was making some body armor clothing at one point… She may have some suggestions.


CitizenArmor has a concealable IIIA armor.

Video review with The Late Boy Scout, I believe he is wearing it during the video but I don’t think they shoot it (they shoot other panels)

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One of the guys I work with has been carring with that for several years… he recently stopped. Here’s the rundown.

He says he has NEVER EVER been spotted carrying… as long as you wear your pants roomy instead of snug this is 100% concealment. I KNOW its there and honestly can’t see it.

It is NOT a fast draw - he’s practiced quite a bit since it was his primary carry method and its still slow. He has to pull the belt out with one hand while pulling up the holster “handle” with the other or he doesn’t get a complete draw… the firearm sticks below his belt.

It cannot be drawn seated. We’ve been talking about church shootings and he’s on his church security team, and in order to draw he’d have to stand up and draw… and that makes him a target of choice as soon as he does.

Based on our conversations, he no longer carries this way at church and has switched to a low-profile minimalist IWB kydex holster instead. I think he’s likely to go to that method all the time pretty soon.

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@Dawn I decided its outside my skillset for now. Here are a couple of the ones I’ve looked at instead…

these guys have body armor panels that could be added to with side armor available which makes a lot of sense to me: