Concealed Carry While Wearing a Kilt

So, as a man of Scottish heritage, I occasionally wear a kilt either in a formal or an informal setting. I am interested in finding out how I might concealed carry while wearing a kilt. Does anyone else do this?

The belt that is sometimes worn is wider than what most holster clips would fit, 3" or so. There are no pockets and the only way to carry stuff is in the sporran, the leather “purse” that is worn on the front of the kilt. It doesn’t have that much room considering you usually carry a wallet, car keys, cell phone, etc. Putting even a pocket pistol in there is problematic.

I have gotten suggestions of a belly band or possibly a shoulder holster. Of course it depends on if you are wearing a formal vest and jacket or are casual with a tee or polo shirt.

Any tips?


There was a conversation in the Community a while back where a kilt was mentioned. Oh! I was able to find it quickly:

That’s all I found though. I’m betting there will be some suggestions coming your way!


Ok, I am not Scottish at all, and I have thought about getting a kilt now and then. Kilts are cool!

That said, I believe you are running into a similar issue as wearing a skirt or dress. A belly band to place it like an IWB, in the position that you prefer. I also use a holster similar to Thunderwear, which I believe would be an option as well.


May bring new importance to the age old question, “how’s it hanging”


With a hard-sided sporran, a Sig 938 in a belly band holster velcroed to the inside works, with enough extra room for extras. YMMV.

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All I can think of is that scene in “Miss Congeniality” where Sandra Bullock pulls out all the firearms from under her beauty contestant dress. When asked where she kept the last one, she simply replied “You don’t want to know.”


5.11 doe’s make kilts. It started out as a joke but caught on. :man_shrugging:

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Ha! Good one.

Yeah, not my thing. I wear a traditional Scottish Tartan kilt.

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Thanks all for the ideas. Pretty much what I was thinking. It seems a belly band may be a good choice. We’ll see.

Wear pants.


I suppose taking off all of your clothes and painting half of your body blue while you run at them screaming with your spear in hand is not a realistic option?

Maybe that was just my own ancestors…

Anyway, I’ve seen something about larger clip options. I think Muddy River Tactical had some, but I don’t remember for sure how big they got. There were also some “flexible” clips that were velcro, I believe. Those might be useful to you.

I wonder about constructing a belt with high grade snaps of the back that match some put on a holster. Maybe someone needs to invent those.

I’ve worn a kilt with IWB holsters then either with a vest or with a tuckable style clip to allow a t-shirt to be tucked in a little.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

/G\ greetings brother

I occasionally wear a utility kilt with my nexbelt and an untucked shirt. I have carried my small and large pistols iwb. I know there are larger clips, or you could use a holster with leather ‘belt keeper’ straps.

Okay as a kilt where are myself I had to read all of this. So as far as the sporing goes it depends on which style and what gun.