Concealed carry unloaded into a no weapons location when I don't have lockbox in truck

Scenario: In Ohio, with a valid conceal carry license, you are riding in someone’s truck (there’s no trunk, covered bed, locking console, or locking glovebox) and go somewhere that doesn’t allow concealed carry inside (a doctors office, a park, for example). Not like a post office which doesn’t even allow them in the parking lot.

Is it legal to conceal carry an empty firearm if you leave the magazine in the truck and empty the chamber? Leaving the firearm under a seat or in an unlocked console doesn’t seem like a good idea.

I know it would be best to not be in that situation, but what should you do if you find yourself in one?



#PhilH. I try to avoid such places myself, only visit such places if I am unable to do business that doesn’t mind 2A rights. But I will try to find info on this and share it, I know others here will do the same so one way or another you will get a response.


Laws are laws…In Texas, if you cc somewhere like a business that displays a 30.06 sign and get made, it’s a misdemeanor. Whereas something like a school, bar, or federal building is a felony… If you choose to carry somewhere you can’t it’s up to you as to the risk you are willing to take, and the repercussions of your choice.


Thanks. I try to avoid those places as well. I have a lockbox in my truck, but it seems that sometimes it can’t be helped when riding with someone else.


@PhilH Like Levi2 said the law is the law, loaded or not, you are still carrying a concealed weapon. :us: :us:


Funny how all these gun laws that are supposed to somehow make us safer, more often than not, just end up creating more opportunities for accidents and for criminals to get their hands on firearms.


I have one of these I take with me.


I have two. I like them, they’re convenient, but wish they were a little larger to hold a full size.


Unfortunately the law in inflexible. The only correct answer is never go on sight with any gun. I have to go to the VA health clinic frequently. Sometimes I go onto a military base or post and post office. Even though I have a concealed mounted safe I still cannot have it in the locked safe in any federal property by law. I think it’s wrong for them to do it. They should be required to have a check in place to store firearms so that citizens are not so inconvenienced. But our politicians are simply crap.


Every state, unfortunately, is different so one really has to study the law in the state in which one reside as well as those one visit while carrying. In GA, for example, “no weapons allowed” signs by private businesses are not enforced so the worst that should happen, should one “be made”, is that they ask you to leave. As long as you do so peacefully, nothing should come of it. I know too many that will unfortunately make a scene as they feel they’ve been violated when asked to leave. But, is it really worth having the police show up and having to deal with all that hassle when one can just leave and take ones business elsewhere? In my opinion…heck no.


I think this is a bigger issue than many realize. If you have an hour’s drive or more to such a destination, for example, you’re effectively disarmed for a long period, and across a broad geographic area.


The root of the question at hand is an unloaded firearm a non firearm. Simply NO. It then comes down to choices and consequences. My FIL will NEVER take his truck on base for the fear that “he missed one” and they get really twitchy even with fired brass let alone ammo, in his case that is a really good idea.




Appreciate that Shamrock. Interesting point I think. I ought to remember that in my quest to reduce “Prohibition” signs some businesses put up. That would help dear PhilH here who is otherwise law abiding.

Not sure what’s the best answer for him, but unfortunately, do not go in that building, find another one which allows one to CCW, lock up that firearm, or bring a vehicle which has the proper lock. I feel ya PhilH.


RocketPak. Thanks so much! I had been thinking of making my own such portable lock box but running into some DIY jerry-rig engineering loopholes. The price of those products are not as bad as I thought they’d be, as they are more secure, and can fit it in my carry bag. I wish they were a little larger to mimic a laptop case as disguise. At times, I run into similar situations like PhilH. Gonna put this on my birthday or holiday gift list, and save up for one. :smiley:


@Burdo Get the camo one an nobody will ever know that you are carrying anything. :rofl:


If it is an semiauto, unload and take the slide off. Either put the who thing or just the slide in your pocket. Leave the serialized ‘firearm’ hidden under seat. A lock box cable locked to seat mount is better, in-car safe is better.

I agree with avoiding 30.06 signed business in Texas when possible.


Remember the idea of conceal is that it is not noticeable. If it says no guns allowed, it is not necessarily enforceable. If caught, just say sorry and leave. Otherwise, it should not be seen and all would be well. Remember that the “no gun” zones are great for the bad guys.


To: PhilH, Plese don’t do this in ILLINOIS they wouldn’t permit this here. Worst State for gun laws.


You do not have to be a lawyer to figuer this one out. I interpret a “no firearms sign” to mean no firearms! Not no unloaded firearms. I would not enter PERIOD. I try not to support these criminal protection zones.


Carry anyway. I ignore gun free warnings! I do obey the law and obviously don’t carry in a police station , school or at an airport for ex… Now don’t get your panties in a knot. Most “Gun Free Zones” are private property, like Malls and it isn’t illegal. IF discovered to be armed they can only ask you to leave. Remember concealed carry usually means no one but you knows your armed! Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.