Concealed Carry in PA in store with "no guns" policy

Is it possible/legal to carry concealed in a store with a no guns policy? I know they can ask you to leave if they don’t want someone openly carrying in their store but I can’t see anywhere that it’s illegal (unless you refuse to leave when asked).

Also, what if there isn’t a policy posted anywhere?



It appears that in private establishments, there is no criminal law, except trespassing, if you are found carrying and do not leave as requested. State and federal laws on places such as court buildings, schools and post offices, including the post office property, just like schools, etc., do make it a criminal act to carry a firearm.

I did a quick search and found this site below. It also has links in its explanation for further information.


Pennsylvania does not recognize the no weapons sings are legally enforceable. If you are asked to leave and you don’t, it can still be considered trespassing.


For me, a “no weapons” sign means “no business from me.”


There are certain times when one does not have that option. There are also times when one might not have noticed. I know that has happened to me on at least one occasion that I am aware of. If I do not notice the signage when entering, and I have a need to enter, I will be entering. If I am CC, no one will know, so it really does not matter, as long as it is not a state of federal carrying violation in known “GFZ” places, such as court buildings, schools and post offices and their property.

I live near a school that is a “drug-free” zone. One day, many years ago, while nearing my home, I saw a police officer in my yard with a neighbor. The neighbor’s fence was knocked down, and there were two sets of tire tracks from my driveway through his fence. A small scale was found in the grass near the tire tracks. The officer stated it was one typically used in illegal drug sales. How could that be? It is a “drug-free” zone. So, yes, I will carry, unless it is a carry violation.

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I support your attitude! If we don’t like a gun free zone, we simply can choose not to be there if we don’t feel protected.

Since I work in a library, government buildings are of course the one exception to the rule.

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