Concealed Carry Holsters in Florida

I cannot seem to get a response from local law enforcement on this. Are these holsters shown legal in the state of Florida? I only ask because they do not always go UNDER a shirt. Does anyone know?

Concealed Carry Photos - Copy

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I live in Florida. Concealed is concealed. Sneaky Pete holsters qualify as concealed. Concealed does not mean “under a garment.” It means the gun cannot be seen for what it is.


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Nothing more to say - @OldGnome got it covered :clap:


Thank you. Your response is very much appreciated.


:+1: Ditto. I own a couple of them. Rarely use them anymore, but I had a p/t gig before the pandemic where I had to wear uniform shirts and khakis or jeans on the job. One day, the boss showed up and told me he would prefer me to tuck in my shirt. I went home and ordered a Sneaky Pete. Worked like a champ!

I don’t consider them secure enough for much else, but I have spent a lot of my adult life in open carry mode and am an advanced martial artist. For me, wearing a pistol in the SP holster takes away an array of less lethal options in responding to threats. I’m not going to tangle with some drunk armed this way. Too easy to lose control of the firearm. Some SPs only have 1 steel belt clip. The larger ones have 2. All have only a magnetic closure. I’d prefer a strap and QR buckle with 2 steel clips or integrated belt loops. On that job, I spent 90% of my time behind a customer service counter with no more than 1 other employee. So it worked.

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That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!


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Agree 100 percent with @OldGnome concealed is the gun not being visible.


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