Conceal Carry process specifics related to Missouri state

Hello all, I’m new here and I have some specific information that I am needing to know about obtaining my CCW permit in the state of Missouri. I know that with the new law changes that it is a constitutional carry state now, but I still need to obtain my CCW permit due to working out of state and in multiple states that are reciprocal with Missouri’s laws with “some restrictions”.

I plan on taking a CCW class the end of this month in the Kansas City area, because I will be in Kansas City the last week of July for some job related training anyways. My question pertains to where I live in Missouri when I apply for my actual permit with the authorities/Law Enforcement Office. I live in southern Missouri about 4 hrs south of K.C., but I’m only driving straight to K.C. from the state Georgia (where I’m currently working). I won’t be traveling through my home town or county at all. I will just be doing my training for my job and then during that week, also taking a CCW course.

When I obtain my certificate showing that I’ve passed the CCW course and go to actually apply for my physical CCW permit, do I have to take my course certificate to a law enforcement office/sheriff’s office in my home town or county of residence, or can I do the application process at any law enforcement office/sheriff’s office in the state of Missouri?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m a first time CCW permit hopeful and with working out of state I would like to stay in compliance with other states restrictions (where they go by Missouri’s laws but you must have a “CCW Permit” to still conceal carry in their state etc.), even if they are reciprocal. I have very little time off in between jobs and some jobs last quite a while, so it is a timing issue as far as how and where I can apply.

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You can find that here:

For all of the state laws for Missouri, and links to the reference resources which is where I found the above citation, please visit our Reciprocity Map:

Hope that helps!! Welcome to the Community @Josh83!

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Thank you so much Dawn! Now I know! I appreciate your help and the extra links you provided as well.

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Dawn is the best