Community screen glitching

Can’t find the original topic. Has anyone figured out this problem and the remedy? At times the glitching makes it nearly unusable. There are days I only log in to see the giveaway and log right back out.

The topic - Community Suggestions from you - has some discussing this glitching…

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Do you have something like an ad blocker running?

I’ll have to remember to disable it to see if it helps.

On my iPad, incognito Safari, never an issue. Unfortunately, I am also not logged in, muting categories that aren’t in my best interest to follow.

On Windows Chrome, ad blocking enabled, many issues reading Community.

— Nope, no ad blocking or other restrictions. Chrome still fails.

I don’t think the page glitching/blanking/flashing is avoidable on our end as users

The problem seems to be it suddenly not recognizing us as logged in/then back.