Colt M4 Ops 22LR Quad Rail Rifle - How to Modify This Gun?

If anyone has switched rail, handgaurds, flash hider, grip trigger or stock, will you please post with part names and numbers and where you bought them?
Also, if any tricks or fabrication/modification needed to install the parts, please explain.
Thanks much, Ray.

@James, @Craig6, @Kelly any experience with this?

@Zee Not really. I played with one a couple years ago and IIRC the hand grip, & butt stock are pretty much the only parts that swap from a regular AR. The flash hider should be a standard 1/2x28 TPI (not positive) so most anything will fit it. The front hand guard is specific to the rifle and won’t swap to a standard AR but the rails are all picatiny in spec so all your widgets and gigits will mount right up to it. The internals are TOTALLY different so you CAN NOT pop off the upper and put it on a AR lower or verse visa. I think the original Colt’s were made by Walther so the barrels should be very good and twisted for .22LR and not 5.56.

Not much help, From what I remember it’s a nice plinker good for cheap tactical training and building muscle memory on that platform. There is something about the bolt release that is different but I don’t remember what.



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Aaaaaannnnnnnddddddd i’m useless here. Sorry! :woman_shrugging:

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I have not done anything with the Colt M4 OPS .22 LR. I found a couple parts online while doing a quick search, but I do not know if they will first your rifle with 100% certainty.

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