Colorado "Chipping Away"

"So we’re chipping away at the problem of gun violence. It’s broad, we need other supports, … but I don’t have a problem with chipping away. I don’t need to have an absolute to do what’s right.”

Agree with this law or not, they are showing us, telling us, exposing their tactics. “Chipping Away” at “Gun Violence” by passing laws that only affect legal gun owners and have no effect on the people that are committing the gun violence of which they speak.


this is pretty much how it was done in kali… one baby step at a time… until…


If they aren’t mature enough to drink, smoke, or buy guns, then we shouldn’t let them vote.
Voting is more dangerous than the first 3.
And let’s not even talk about military service.


21 should be the age for the military also


That can be debated, I just don’t like this grey area we’ve created between 18 and 21 where someone is an adult, but not really. I don’t like second-class citizenship. If we need to move the age of majority to 21, then let’s do it, but that should include everything involved with being an adult.

But if not, then an 18-year-old is an adult, and should be permitted to make all the same stupid decisions that a 50-year-old can make.


Raised all my life in CO, will always be “my home state” but I woke up when I met my Husband 32 yrs ago, he’s from small town Oshkosh, NE where there’s still freedom. We moved out of Fort Collins, CO 8 yrs ago when we retired from (me Larimer County DHS and Dave from US Govt) we moved to Oshkosh population 1000. Me, Miss “big town”
wanted to move out of Oshkosh, now we live in just a wonderful smallish town, Sidney, NE home of the original Cabela’s the original building is still standing and now houses other venders.


Not sure about that, one can get an 18 year old to do things without question that a 21 year old might balk at!


Whose idea was it? A transplant from California?


Average ages per rank in US Military


Assuming you’re 18 when you join, and the average time it takes to be promoted:

  • Private (E-2) - 18 (join + 6 months)

  • Private First Class (E-3) - 19 - (join + 1 year)

  • Specialist/Corporal (E-4) - 20 (join + 18 months)

  • Sergeant (E-5) - 22 (join + 4.2 years)

  • Staff Sergeant (E-6) - 27 (join + 8.5 years)

  • Sergeant First Class (E-7) - 32 (join + 13.6 years)

  • Master Sergeant/First Sergeant (E-8) - 35 - (join + 17 years)

  • Sergeant Major (E-9) - 39 - (join + 20.8 years)

Or if you’re talking officer, start at say age 23, and then add:

  • O-2 (Lt): 25 (join + 18 months)
  • O-3 (Capt): 27 (join + 4 years)
  • O-4 (Major): 33 (join + 10 years)
  • O-5 (Lt.Col): 39 (join + 16 years)
  • O-6 (Col): 45 (join + 22 years)
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I went in at 17 YO. Worked out just fine for me.

Most likely. My brother lives in Western Colorado, and from what he says I believe they might have a bit of trouble convincing the people on that side of the state that those demands are enforceable.


You can also get 25 year old to do stupid things that no sane 18 year old would consider.

Adult citizenship should be one age. For everything. Military, voting, drinking, smoking, arms & ammo, concealed carry, marriage, home purchase, vehicle purchase, maybe even driving and having to pay taxes.


But remember that when anything that goes on the ballet. The votes come from Denver area due to the majority of voters

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This may not be popular but I think the age for owning a firearm and voting should be 25 unless you’re active military or honorably discharged.

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I’m ok with that, providing that all the other marks of adulthood are the same age. No alcohol, military service, tobacco, sex, or voting until 25.

I’m ok with whatever age we pick, I just don’t like their tiered entry into adulthood. Either a person is a legal adult, or they aren’t. We shouldn’t have second-class citizens or citizens with special privileges (including military members).


You want to be held responsible for your children until age 25? No, thank you. Further, I know my parents certainly would not agree with that.


Oh gosh, re-framing the question like that might change a lot of opinions.
Let’s push legal adulthood down to 16 and make them pay for their own drivers insurance!


I had to. I also had to buy my own first vehicle. I also started working after school at 14, and as soon as I began earning my own money, I was buying my own food and clothing.


My dad bought me my first car but only after I had a job, doing brake jobs at Dart’s Auto. I could eat at the family table if I was there when they sat down, yep, the whole family at the dinner table. After I started working my parents didn’t have to pay for any of my stuff.


I was just wondering if they had any statistics on how many people between the ages of 18 and 20 bought a firearm “assault style weapon” and used it illegally? Was it more or less than those of other ages? Since most people who obtain weapons to use during crimes do not get them legally, how will this change in the law be a positive change in crime? If they have no empirical data on this, all they are doing is chipping away at honest gun owner’s rights.

Also, to bring the Aurora Theatre shooting into this equation seems to be a false hood. Wasn’t he 24 or 25 at the time? That was 2012 and the shooter was born in 1987 if memory serves me correctly. He also had several different firearms with him, AR, shotgun and pistol. So why would they limit only one type of firearm. This is chipping away at low-hanging fruit. When the AR is gone, they will go after the next thing.

The problem is a violent crime issue, not a gun violence issue.