College Campus carry - good or bad?


When I was in college, I won’t say how many years ago, I had a stalker. He would call me every night after I got home from my night class and describe exactly what I was wearing and the route I took him. It was terrifying.

I didn’t carry at that point, but I also could not have carried on campus so it wasn’t even a consideration.

Should college students be able to carry on campus?


Anyone of legal age and meets the CCW requirements for the state they are in should be allowed to carry on campus.


What about Constitutional Carry States? And colleges that are run by the state?


Yes and yes

But I also believe that those campuses should offer courses on safe gun handling and local self defense laws. They are at school educate them
It’s been time to stop having our children and young adults be soft targets.


Amen to that, @Sheepdog556!

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Yes, I would love to carry on campus.

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I’m sorry that you had a stalker @Dawn, I can’t imagine how terrifying that was. I hope nothing bad came from it.


Thanks, @James. He ended up being harmless - never found out who he was, although I do have some ideas. I got the police involved when he started calling at 3 am and telling my roommate that he was from my hometown and my parents had been seriously hurt in a car accident.

That was before we each had our own cell phone (totally dating myself here) so he called on the room line. I never answered the phone after that while I lived in that dorm room. :confused:

I switched to a different dorm room at semester and the calls stopped.

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I don’t get what makes people do that. I guess that’s because I don’t have a severe mental illness. Either way, I’m glad all you took from that experience was being more mentally aware and prepared.

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I don’t have a problem with allowing people to carry on a college campus. Add the fact that there are some campuses that are the size of a small city, and it becomes even more ridiculous that you can’t in some states.

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Yes and yes. College students are legally adults. They are old enough to serve in the military so they are old enough to carry a weapon to defend themselves at school. I can see this especially for female college students. Not to sound like women are helpless. A gun in the hand could save a young woman from being raped. Yes, college men get assaulted, but, I see a bigger issue for women being overpowered. Guns are the great equalizer.


This is a rough topic as I have mixed feelings about it even though I am all for legal CC.

I worked for the UW Madison campus for over 10 years. The amount of road rage while on campus during the day is off the scale. The students think they are indestructible and the ones on bicycles dont know what a traffic law is! Now add in the fact there are many out of state as well as foreign country students and you have the perfect mix for a disaster. As a state employee I would not have been allowed to carry during work but to think some of these hot headed students could be armed……………………

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I do think they should and so should other CCW’s should as well, but I do think there should be some mandatory training that should go along with that type of permit too, remember you are dealing with buildings that could be full of young adults and with out the right training even a CCW holder could be in trouble. Anyone that has been in the military will know what I am talking about. Just my thoughts tho.

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That’s a good point, @DBrogue. If the students can carry, shouldn’t professors and support staff be able to carry as well?



It’s been a long time since I was on a college campus. If a campus is privately funded and has the necessary signs in place in accordance with the law, technically they can say no weapons on their grounds… however if they have public funding, no amount of signs can legally stop a person from carrying. That being said, if you are a student, they can make you essentially agree to not carrying if you are a student there and if found to be carrying, could be dropped from the school.

Public schools in Oregon are commonly gun free zones however having an Oregon CHL and carrying concealed makes you exempt from that.

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One of the schools in a state where it’s allowed but left up to the discretion of the schools themselves allows the general public to carry on school grounds, but not students or faculty.

I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind that one.


Um… that seems completely backwards! Maybe I need more coffee to understand it this early.

Nah, it just doesn’t make sense.

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How can it not make sense when it’s known as “common sense” gun laws? (Sarcasm intended)

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I absolutely think people should be able to carry on college campuses. When I was looking at colleges I was going to go to Pensacola Christian College but after I started carrying every day, everywhere I went I realized I wasn’t comfortable traveling 200-300 miles across interstate highway where anything could happen. So I looked at Liberty University. And I would’ve gone there because of their CCW allowance but they were too expensive (3.5k a year with mid-range housing and full tuition). But they wouldn’t let you carry a blade bigger than 3" (I thought that was stupid. Most of the knives people carry for defense are bigger than 3")

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In my city we aren’t supposed to carry a knife with a blade longer than 2.5 inches. But I can carry a gun. Hmmm, something really doesn’t make sense there!

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