College Campus Carry?

My son was asking me yesterday about being able to carry where he’s living in Tennessee. The problem is, he’s only 19. So he cannot carry a firearm for his self-defense. He’s had some self-defense training, is situationally aware, and knows how to use weapons of opportunities. I’m not too worried that he’ll be attacked.

If he was a female with the same training and skills, I might be worried. Why? College-age girls are often seen as soft targets. I had a stalker in college (no, I won’t say how many years ago that was), and it was terrifying. I hadn’t started my self-defense journey at that point. That was one of the reasons I started my kids in Tae Kwon Do when they were young. I didn’t want them to ever feel defenseless.

Should students be allowed to carry at college? How would you address the carry age restrictions?

It’s a crappy law, but I can encourage him not to rush carrying and bring all kinds of trouble and years of probably going in and out of court and becoming a felon. Legal carry firearm age is 21 in TN according to what I just read.
I can tell you I had the same thing happen to me here in IL when I was 20. I was home on leave just finished my 1st tour in Vietnam, got my 30 day leave. I was a 1st LT in 1969 and volunteered for my second tour and I tried to buy a .357 revolver because I thought they were cool at the time. And at the time there was no FOID in existence then. Anyway enough background info, I went to the Gun store
and I could not buy it. Keep in mind I just spent a year in a combat unit in the Bush and just came from a free fire zone and even though it’s a stupid law in TN as most states have dumb laws and they also have some good laws but they are not going to revise their laws anywhere. Bureaucrats have a one track mind for those who remember the 4 Track then 8 Track car stereos.

Yes, they should be allowed.

And while I disagree with the law, he should wait until he’s legally able to do so.

I have the same fear for my daughter when she takes off for college (although I have a few years). I hate to be “that” parent but she may find her parents as new neighbors of hers in whatever state she decides to attend college/university. I’ll hold just short of escorting her around campus…from a respectful distance of course. :laughing: