Clothing size adjustments?

I took the classes and training, made the appointment, and finally got my licence to conceal carry handgun in Ohio. As I was wearing for the first time an outer holster, and will be getting an inside waistband holster. I’m a very average male of medium build size wise, not skinny, not too fat.

I think I may have to make some clothing size adjustments for inside waist holster, or just in general.

What are your experiences and recommendations for upsizing:

Thanks in advance.


Do not wear tight jeans for one. Clothes all depend upon your normal wear. Jeans and a T-shirt? Size up on the T-shirts and keep the pants the same. Get a good thick belt, I wear a Hanks belt. If you wear a suit jacket just make sure it fits you loose and not too small. I wear an outer holster on my side at 4 O’clock. I am 6’1" and weigh 300 lbs. Working my way back to 250. Think of it as fashion week for men and dress to fit, not over baggy and not tight to show off your muscles. If you go inside waist band pants should not be a problem but belt will have to be extended to fit comfortable. Comfort is key in your set-up. Where you locate your gun on you is all up to you on your comfort level and ability to draw your gun the easiest. Being able to pull the shirt out of the way is key too. You need to be able to clear the gun with minimal problems dealing with clothes not causing any problems. With that you should be golden. You will have to find your comfort zone for yourself. It is like Boxers, briefs or G-string, whatever you are comfortable in and gets the job done. Hope this helps out.


I completely agree with @Todd30 on this one. Up one size in t-shirt, stay same size in pants.


Good morning brother, I just wanted to say like I have mentioned in other threads and conversations, don’t change your wardrobe to accommodate your firearm, make your firearm fit what you have and it will work. Don’t go broke buying new clothes for your handgun. I hope this advise helps. You described yourself sort of like me so I know.


Like most, I started OWB then made the switch to IWB. You will find that IWB holds your firearm closer and in some cases more secure. @Johnnyq60 is correct about the belt which seems at times is underestimated and undervalued.


I added compression undershirts to my wardrobe. Amazon has a ton of cheap options. It keeps the gun and holster from being in direct contact it your skin. They are very light weight so it’s not a big deal in the summer and it doesn’t add any amount of bulk so clothes still fit loose.


I tend to go for the pants that have a bit of “flex/stretch” built-in to the mat’l, especially for carrying IWB, and I can stay with my regular pants size. Carhartt has some jeans that are not 100% cotton, and have the flex/slight stretch to them. Thankfully we have a Carhartt outlet store in town, and the pants can be had for around $20 a pr.


I found that it was not so much the size of the shirts, but the fit. I had a few “athletic” fit shirts that I no longer wear since I started carrying. The same size and manufacturer in regular fit seems to work well enough to avoid printing.

Pants size stayed the same, but I favored pants a little loose to begin with. However, I did have to get a new belt to accommodate the IWB holster. I listened to advice here and got a thicker and sturdier belt than I would normally get so the holster clip does not slip off when drawing the firearm.


I agree with @Todd30. That will make you feel better for sure


I made some adjustments, however it was over a very long time (think decades). My primary carry is OWB, with other options as I so choose. My t-shrits are the same size as I would normally wear. For my attire I wear a button up shirt over. I choose ones that are a bit loose, and have some sort of pattern. The pattern helps to hide printing if it happens. Short sleeve for summer, and long sleeve for winter.

I might need to try a compression shirt so I can wear the t-shirt untucked. Hmm…


I wear a snug t-shirt underneath so the grip on my M&P 2.0 9 shield won’t touch my inheritance.:joy::wink:


Thanks Robert, I spit my damn coffee out laughing when I read that line.

before I change my shirt…you’ll need to try out your outfits and see how the gun prints. I wear tighter button up shirts for work and I pull them out a little so they aren’t tucked in tight which seems to do the trick there. As far as upsizing, I do tend to get the next size up for pants to give me a little more room and not leave me with a perfect impression in my skin of my holster by the end of the day. Honestly, you’ll have to figure out what works and doesn’t work for yourself as most of us have had to do. When casual I do tend to wear looser tshirts which conceal my pistol better but I don’t want to buy shirts that look too big as it draws attention also.


. I don’t upsize my shirts but typical go up one size on shorts or pants. I am a 32 waist but go with a 34. For pants I like the “loose fit” style. For shirts I go with dark colors for t-shirts and wear plaid button downs. Dark colors help to conceal better and plaid breaks up any outline the gun may potentially make. I also carry appendix and carry a Glock 19 Variant and can conceal that very easily in just shorts and a t-shirt. A quality holster will help with ease of concealment as well. I run an LAS holster with a built in concealment claw and run a Tier 1 FUPA on it. All of this combined sucks the gun into my body and maximizes the concealment. For reference I am 5’11” and 160lbs with a runner’s build (tall and lanky, lol). That’s what works for me and that comes from quite a bit of experimentation. Over time you will learn what works for you based off what you carry, how you carry and your body type.


It depends on what firearm you’re carrying. I carry a ruger gp 100 in a 2A holsters pancake holster wearing a true-to-size button up shirt (black or flannel/striped pattern).


Depends on Body type, kind of clothing and how you carry your gun. AIWB I have to make no adjustments to my usual wear. This is a VERY light shirt and I’m carrying a Kimber Tactical Pro (Commander size with a factory mag well).

When I carry @ 3:00 OWB I normally go for a slightly baggier shirt at the waist about 1 size up or just not a slim/athletic cut.


@Enzo_T. In the last photo… you are BANISHING your gun …Naughty Naughty. lol

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