Close the door, pickup the phone

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So, let me get this straight. A local dude, who apparently knew the apartment resident, comes and knocks on the door and asks the guy if he wants to go hang out and have some drinks together, and the guy’s response is to shoot him?? WTF? So they apparently had “negative” encounters in the past. Maybe the guy that got shot came by to bury the hatchet. If I wanted to get along better with my neighbor, I’d probably start with a cold beer or three to break the ice. At least the shooter did the right thing and called 911, but if he didn’t want to hang with the guy, or felt like it was a trap, yeah, just shut the door.

It seems like so many of the news stories being posted here these days are my local news channels here in FL! This used to be such a quiet sleepy little area. Now guys shoot other guys that just want to meet up for drinks and chilling. Sheesh. People done lost their minds!


I hope this dumbass killer - because that’s just what he IS - is convicted, and disappears - back-shooting is still a cowardly, murderous act. Does this drive home my previously-mentioned point - that SOME people are temperamentally unsuited be even NEAR firearms?


This is a good example where the USCCA insurance will Not protect against this type of case. SORRY! FYI. He WILL be prosecuted. FOOL handed over his OWN @$$ all by himself. Hope the victim doesn’t die from the injuries. That’s alot of shots fired. Ain’t worth having these type of friends around.


I’m trying to find out where is the act of self defense in this story… :thinking:

this :point_down:

Thomas told officers that he feared for his life because the victim “charged” at him, aggressively running in his direction.

doesn’t give any permission to use the lethal weapon… especially knowing what happened few minutes earlier…