Close Call

An irate man comes on the property mad about something. He jumps out of his truck yelling and swearing and I’m not sure what it’s about. He won’t calm down and discuss the problem. He starts he has a gun in the truck and marches toward it. I can see the pistol case under the seat as the door is open. I tell the man not to get back out of his truck armed. He doesn’t even realize what he just done. His temper has got control. Finally he leaves. What could I have done if he gets out of his truck armed?

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Did you understand what his crazy rant was about? Do you know why he lead with “I have a gun in his truck” Not enough information here Sir to form a Diagnosis

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You’d have been perfectly justified at that point in any state that doesn’t have a duty to retreat to respond with deadly force.

What should you do? If you can get the hell out of the AO, dial 9-11 and prepare yourself to deal with the threat if he attempted to follow you into your home.


Very good advice WildRose.

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Welcome to the Community, @Donald6!

A couple of questions for clarification:
Is this at your home?
Do you know the man?
Where are you in relation to the man and any sort of building?
Are you the only one at that location besides the man?

Here are a few thoughts regarding what you could do if he does not have the firearm on him:

  • As he’s leaving get his license plate number and call the police to report the situation
  • If there is a building that you can use as cover, retreat to the building and call the police; take video of the man ranting with your smartphone if at all possible.
  • Stay calm and ask him to leave.

If he is clearly aggressive with a firearm in his hand and is threatening you - a reasonable person could assume imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm.

If he’s going to his truck to get his gun and you can get away safely without putting someone else (family in the home?) in jeopardy, get away. The safest fight is the one you don’t have to have.